Under Eyes Brightening

Lower Blepharoplasty

Radical Treatment of Wrinkles Under the Eyes
Relocation of Fat
  • Procedure Period
    1 hour

  • Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal
    7 days

  • Post Treatment
    1 to 2 sessions

  • Recovery period
    2 weeks for daily activities

What is lower blepharoplasty?

Surgical procedure is considered to be the most suitable treatment for correcting wrinkles and fat under the eyes. This surgical procedure is not only a procedure that lift the droopy skin under the eye, but also a procedure that reposition and/or remove the excessive fat and/or skin.

Vibrant and Youthful Eyes / Lower Blepharoplasty

Tear Trough Thickened by Drooping of the Lower Eye Skin
Tear trough ligament, Orbicularis Retaining Ligament (ORL) and Zygomata-Cutaneous Ligament (ZL) are located under the eye. They fix the skin to the bone. Tear trough is caused by drooping of the soft tissues between ORL and ZL.
Tear through can make you look older than the actual age because of dark lower eyelids. Therefore, it is important to correct it via lower blepharoplasty to create a youthful and vibrant impression.

Special Features of Lower Blepharoplasty


Ultimate Solution for Excessive Fat and/or Droopy Skin under the Eyes

Lower blepharoplasty is to spread out the fat under the eyes to fill the sunken areas. Especially, patients with excessive fat under the eyes those who have uneven under eyes skin should consider to undergo this procedure.


Hidden Scar and Fast Recovery

Since an incision is made on the conjunctiva, it does not cause any damage to the orbicular muscle, resulting in fast recovery. Also, scars are not visible since they are close to the lower eyelashes.


More Effective with Endotine Mid-face Lift

A more satisfactory result can be achieved if lower blepharoplasty is simultaneously performed with endotine B mid-face lift. When repositioning the fat and remove excess skin under the eye, the enddotine B can be inserted into the incision area of lower blepharoplasty to elevate the cheek skin, resulting in mid-face lift.

Before & After

※ Please note: The image may differ by photographing condition, and was published after shooting obtain patient consent.
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