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Rejuvenation Revision Surgery

No Unfavorable Results from the Previous Procedure
Filling up Your Desire for a Youthful Look
  • Procedure Period
    1 hour~1 and a half hours

  • Anesthesia
    General/General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal
    After 4 days

  • Post Treatment
    1 to 2 Sessions

  • Recovery period
    2 days for daily activities

What is rejuvenation revision surgery?

In fact, rejuvenation surgery has a lower risk of side-effects in comparison to rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty. However, unlike rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty that focuses on only one area, rejuvenation revision surgery involves in correction of various facial areas. Therefore, it is important to have a sufficient consultation with a skilled and experienced surgeon. Banobagi Hospital provides various lifting techniques for rejuvenation revision surgery to restore your youthful apprearance.

Restoring your Youthful Appearance with Various Techniques / Rejuvenation Revision Surgery

Major Causes of Revision Rejuvenation
There are various causes of rejuvenation revision surgery, such as facial asymmetry, uneven facial surface, and recurrence of wrinkles.
Wrinkles cannot be smoothed out sufficiently when the lifted area is too narrow. Also, facial asymmetry and/or uneven facial surface can be caused when the skin is not pulled out evenly. Recurrence of wrinkles is also caused by the lifted area is too narrow or when the force of pulling out wrinkles is not sufficient.

Special Features of Wrinkle Correction Revision


Aftercare Program

Banobagi offers various aftercare programs including the scar zero project to minimize surgical scars as well as various laser treatment including Calm Laser and Biophoton to minimize any discomfort during recovery. Through Banobagi’s after care program, we help shorten the recovery time and maintain your youthful appearance.


Rejuvenation Revision Surgery with Fitting Lifting Procedure

With three fitting lifting procedures, including Face Tight for stimulating collagen formation on SMAS, Silhouette Lift for rejuvenating SMAS and Smart Lift for generating collagen and lifting SMAS, Banobagi can restore your youthful appearance in a short period of time.


Revision after 6 Months

It is recommended to have the revision done at at least 6 months after the primary procedure when the patients completely recovered from the procedure. If the patient underwent some procedure that implant materials were used, he/she would consider the revision at 1 year after the previous surgery.

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