Restoration of Youthful Appearance

Fitting Lifting

10 years Younger Look!
Customized Face Lift for Every Type of Facial Wrinkle
  • Procedure Period
    10 minutes to 1 and a half hours

  • Anesthesia
    Sedation/Local Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal
    After 4 days

  • Post Treatment
    Two to Three Sessions

  • Recovery Period
    5 days for daily activities

What is fitting lifting?

This is an ultimate anti-aging program to restore skin tightness and texture and create V-line face using various lifting procedures. 1:1 customized lifting solution that combines various lifting procedures tailored to patients is performed to provide the utmost satisfactory outcome.

Best Anti-Aging Program / Fitting Lifting

  • Saggy chin – when people age, the deposition of fat is increased and sagging skin under the chin happends.
  • Forehead wrinkles – the forehead plays an important role in creation of an overall impression.
  • Saggy cheek – the saggy cheek would make the face look flat and cause various facial wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds – the saggy cheek and stretched retaining ligament cause a deep nasolabial fold
  • Eye wrinkles – eye wrinkles make you look older than the actual age
  • Neck wrinkles – neck wrinkles are caused by loss of subcutaneous fat and atrophy of the neck muscle and tissue

Customized Banobagi Fitting Lifting

to Restores Your Youthful Appearance
Various Lifting Procedures of Banobagi
Banobagi Fitting Lifting procedure can be classified into incisional lifting procedure, non-incisional lifting procedure and thread lift. Banobagi Hospital provides a wide range of lifting procedures which developed upon extensive experiences and know-how since its opening in 2000. Each lifting procedure is performed by skill surgeon to achieve the most satisfactory result.
Wide Range of Lifting Technique / Extensive Lifting Experiences / Outstanding Lifting Skills with Effective Results

Special Features of Fitting Lifting

Incisional Lifting Procedure, Non-Incisional Lifting, Thread Lift

Incisional Lifting Procedure

In order to provide a delicated and safe procedure, Banobagi minimizes the risks of blood vessel and nerve damage by using an endoscope for incisional lifting procedure. In addition, since ‘Endotine’ is used for forehead and brow lift, it is possible to improve the large drooping area of the upper face including forehead, eyebrows and upper eyelids without additional blepharoplasty.


Non-Incisional Lifting

Through various laser therapies such as Accusculpt, Belody and Fractora, fine wrinkles and deep wrinkles are improved. It also helps enhance facial contoring and skin tone. You can restore your youth without any concern of visible scars.

Banobagi’s Non-Incisional Lifting Procedure - Various Laser Therapies / Improvement of Appearance of Wrinkles and Facial Contour without surgical procedures / Lifting Without any Concern about Scars

Thread Lift

Thread lift is a procedure to reduce facial wrinkles, tone the skin and give the effect of whitening by inserting a cog thread with cone on it or a gold thread into the skin. It can improve the appearance of wrinkles immediately and it can be conducted with the minimum number of incisions or without incision, so there is no need to concern about scars.

Banobagi Thread Lift – Improvement of wrinkles by inserting various types of threads / Effective on skin whitening and skin tightening / Instant result

Before & After

※ Please note: The image may differ by photographing condition, and was published after shooting obtain patient consent.
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