From Management to Enhancement Everything is important for Anti-Aging Why choose Banobagi for Wrinkle Enhancement?
Banobagi Wrinkle Plasty
1 on 1 Customized Wrinkle Plasty
Elastic Thread MACS Lifting
Multi-thread Liftin
Banobagi B-Cell
Professional Medical Staffs!

Medical staffs graduating from Seoul National University + The assembly of numerous areas of specialists

  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Han, KyuNam
  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Barn, JaeSang
  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Yun, MinJi
  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cho, JeongMok
  • Anesthesiologist Dr. Kim, YongJoo
  • Anesthesiologist Dr. Lee, EunHye
The strong point of Banobagi Hospital is that there is a full team of plastic surgeon specialists in which 80% graduated from Seoul National University. Our surgeons have gained experiences in plastic surgery with a thousand cases in the past 17 years.
In order to provide more professional medical services, the team is divided by their skillful specific areas.
We have a specialized team with wealth of experience in the field since year 2000 of Wrinkle plasty for therapeutic purposes. Based on our abundant experience and high technology, we are skilled in various lifting techniques to provide satisfying results for patients.
The team leaders aim for the same goal

The spirit of artists to create beauty

Professional surgeon Specialized in plastic surgery
Body, Anti-Aging, Filler
Professional surgeon specialized in plastic surgery Banobagi Hospital does not only use the surgical team founders to promote the hospital. All four hospital founders determine and pay attention to surgery in the areas for which they are responsible and share the same goal.

After establishing Banobagi Clinic in 2000, Dr. Barn, JaeSang has been responsible for body contouring, anti-aging and filler injection. With his abundant surgical techniques and experiences, he operates a skilled specialist team for wrinkle plasty.

All four founders are the ones who guideline and develop the advanced clinic system, which is one of the strong points of Banobagi.

Total Anti-aging

Anti-aging is the technique to change the attitude than face.

Aging, can it only be prevented by Surgery? NO!

Comprehensive approach to anti-aging Banobagi Anti-Aging

  • Surgery for Anti-Aging : Elastic Thread MACS Lifting,MACS Lifting, Various Thread Lifting, Etc.
  • Treatment for Anti-Aging : Artecoll, Botox, and other Injection Method
  • Exercise for Anti-Aging (Smiling method) : Non-surgical Anti-Aging method for Systematic Post-op Management
Selected from JoongAng Daily - GOOD DOCTOR BEST CLINIC, Dr,Barn, JaeSang chosen as one of 12 Doctors You will meet Dr.Barn’s honesty in Anti-Aging

A doctor who cares patient more than profit Doctor who takes responsibility until the end Banobagi pursue customized Anti-Aging that puts patient first than any other things.

Banobagi Fitting Lifting

Fitting Lifting for Multiple Anti-Aging Method

Various lifting methods from High Technology

Optional Combination of Lifting Techniques Banobagi’s Advanced Personalized Lifting by 1:1

Improved elasticity of wrinkled skin

Faceline to be distinct V-line

  • 01. Improved skin elasticity
  • 02. Customized procedures for individual conditions
  • 03. Distinct V-line Face
Banobagi Fitting Lifting

All of possible anti-aging methods available Semi-permanent filler, Artecoll, and botox, etc.Add non-surgical methods to improve wrinkles

Elastic Thread MACS Lifting

Combination of advantages of Elastic Thread MACS Lifting

Elastic Thread and MACS Lifting combined for Perfect synergy effect more than imagined
Elastic Thread MACS Lifting
  • Quick recovery of Thread Lifting
  • Wrinkle improvement of MACS Lifting
  • POINT 01
    Prompt recovery as fast as thread lifting procedure
  • POINT 02
    Similar effect close to incisional lifting and lasting period
  • POINT 03
    Natural expression with elastic thread for face
  • POINT 04
    Minimal incision than existing face lifting
  • POINT 05
    Differentiated wrinkle improvement than typical thread lifting
  • POINT 06
    Abundant experience and know-how made in past 15 years for beautiful face line
Elastic Lifting

Amazing effect made by Elastic thread

Elasticum : High tensile strength. Stable tissue binding effect
  • High tensile strength
  • Smooth surface
  • Safe material
  • Strong elasticity
  • Does not interfere with skin movement
  • No foreign body reaction

Weaving method contexture, Elastic Thread

Soft feeling like subcutaneous tissue

Excellent lifting and elastic suspension

Natural movement and elasticity

  • 01. Thread lifting effect as ligament organization
  • 02. Hip raised upwards
  • 03. Natural hip that responds to movement with elasticity
  • 04. Stable, long-term lifted Hip
  • 05. No scar with minimal incision
Multi-Thread Lifting

Effective lifting procedures with various thread retention and clinical experience

BANOBAGI Multi-Thread Lifting
  • Lifting with similar ligament material : Elastic Lifting
  • Absorbable Lifting : Blue-rose Lifting, Ultra V-Lifting, etc.
  • Non-Absorbable Lifting : Silhouette Lifting
Banobagi Multi- Thread Lifting - Effective Lifting Treatment from Banobagi
  • 01. 1:1 customized system
  • 02. Many years of clinical experience
  • 03. Thread selected by individual condition
  • 04. Safe with residing anesthesiologist
Wrinkle Improvement for area

Be more beautiful with Younger face with Elasticity

  • Do you have wrinkle on specific area on face?
  • Do you want convenient and fast recovery?
  • Do you feel burden about getting full face done?

We recommend Wrinkle Improvement for each area.

  • Forehead Lifting
  • Brow Pexy
  • Upper Blepharoplasty
  • Lower Blepharoplasty
  • Mid Face
  • Face Lifting
  • Neck Lifting
  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Face volume
  • Younger healthy appearance
  • If you look older than your age
  • Droopy cheek makes your expression gloomy
  • Negative appearance made due to sunken smile line

When wrinkle is improved, your image will change.

Not only Anti-aging effect, but also positive image, Banobagi Wrinkle Improvement
Banobagi B-Cell

Banobagi’s Anti-aging using biotechnology

Why should we get Banobagi B-Cell Treatment?
  • Non-surgical Anti-Aging method : The secret of rejuvenating without visible scar
  • Effective Treatment : Quickly and efficient with injection method
  • No swelling : No incision, no swelling

Banobagi Refresh Cell Transplantation

Researcher in residence
No visible scar from
fat accumulation
with 17 years of
liposuction know-how
Know-how in superior
cell separation
Aseptic Environment
Cryogenic Freezing
Storage System
Banobagi Cryogenic Freezing Storage System - Anti-aging with cells taken 
before the start of aging Repeated procedures increase cell therapy efficacy
Banobagi B-Cell : Easy Anti-Aging to start from young age
  • Safe storage with -196 degree cryogenic freezing
  • Repeated procedures Possible
  • Increased density of cells on transplanted area
  • Increase of survival rate of cells, Long-term sustainability
  • SmartStem Fat Grafting : Minimally injected Into fat cell unit to compensate for sunken areas
  • SmartStem Hair Transplant : Angiogenesis for new hair growth by injecting growth factors in blood
  • SmartStem Breast Augmentation : Instead of implantation, the volume of the breast is enlarged to fat cells without surgery
Fat Grafting

Delicate and scientific micro fat-grafting

Banobagi Micro Fat-grafting
  • STEP1 Fat Extraction

    Reduce air exposure as much as possible and extract fat with small pressure

  • STEP 2 Purification & Separation

    Separation of pure adipocytes surviving by centrifugation

  • STEP 3 Micro Fat injection

    The point is that the new blood vessels narrow the distance to the fat cells

Micro Fat-grafting combined with SVF cell Fat-grafting

What is SVF? : SVF(Stromal Vascular Fraction) A cell that abundantly secretes growth factor, extracellular matrix proteins

  • High survival rate of Fat cells
  • Enhancement of skin elasticity and Skin tone
  • Induce tissue regeneration
Increased Survival Rate of Micro Fat-Grafting With B-Cell Banobagi Refresh Cell Transplantation
MACS Lifting

Superb wrinkle improvement effect within short time

Features of Banobagi MACS Lifting

  • ADVANCE 01 : No hospitalization with local anesthesia in a short time
  • ADVANCE 02 : Not visible scar due to scarring in the hairline
  • ADVANCE 03 : Quick recovery Daily activity possible after 1 week
  • ADVANCE 04 : No possibility of nerve damage, skin necrosis, or hematoma with minimal incision
  • ADVANCE 05 : Natural face expression

Existing Face Lifting method

  • General Anesthesia
  • Visible scar
  • Long recovery period

MACS Lifting

  • Local Anesthesia
  • Relatively less visible scar
  • Short recovery period

Injection method for wrinkle enhancement and smoother face line

Botox for Wrinkle
Excellent effect on wrinkles
  • Facial expression caused by muscle contraction
  • Wrinkle on Forehead, glabella, eye area, nose, mouth area, and neck
  • 5~10 minutes treatment time
Botox on Jaw
Wide jaw line to slimmer jaw line
  • When the lower jaw is wide from the front, in case the molar teeth is tightly applied, the contraction of the masticatory muscle is felt
  • Afraid of bone surgery
Botox on Calf
Noticeable muscle on calf
Volume reduction by muscle contraction
  • minimization of scar from surgery
  • Recovery period not necessary
  • No restrictions on daily life

Banobagi Smart Solution

Non-invasive wrinkle enhancement

Banobagi Smart Solution Non-invasive wrinkle enhancement

XTOX : Excellent improvement in deep wrinkles and progression of muscle contraction

  • Xcar : Carbon dioxide injection method for wrinkle and scar correction
  • Botox : Muscle-selective paralysis to reduce the muscle mass

Synergy effect of Botox and Xcar! Banobagi continues to research Anti-aging using Botox.

Wrinkle Plasty Revision

To remove the scar and wrinkle from wrong surgery

Main cause of Wrinkle Plasty Revision
  • Still remaining wrinkles
  • Asymmetry occurrence
  • Rugged skin after surgery
  • Have wrinkles again
Resilient younger face is competitiveness.
Once again with Banobagi Fitting Lifting
  • Thread Lifting : Superior effect with various thread and clinical experience
  • Artecoll : Elegant method from Face contour to Anti-aging
  • Smart Lift : SMAS Layer lifting with collagen regeneration with Laser method
Post-op treatment Program(Features of Wrinkle plasty revision Program)
  • Customized 1:1 Program
  • Quick Recovery
  • Safe Treatment
  • Simple Treatment
Banobagi’s Recommendation for Wrinkle Plasty
Multiple Lifting for individuals
Fitting Lifting
Combination of Elastic Thread and MACS Lifting advantages
Elastic Thread MACS Lifting
Amazing Effect of Elastic Thread
Tight and elastic skin just like before
Wrinkle Improvement for area
How much do you know about Banobagi Hospital, a hospital that creates beauty to Korean girls?
A large-sized plastic surgery hospital Provide a wide variety of customized medical service as well as the latest model of medical equipment at a 6-storey main building and a 5-storey annex building
A number of guaranteed awards BANOBAGI was awarded the grand prize in the 7th Korea global medical service, Medical Asia 2014 and other various medical awards
Banobagi Hospital and medias both in the country and overseas Our hospital was selected to participate in ‘Let Me In’ and has received trust in medical services from medias
Skillful surgical techniques for more than 17 years Our experiences and knowledges for more than 17 years can be measured in participation of national conferences and seminars

A large-sized plastic surgery hospital

Collaborated area with 6 story Main building anf % story Annex building.
80% of Plastic surgeons and Specialists from each field are from Seoul National University

The areas are divided to be the place for consulting and the place for various fields of plastic surgery such as eye surgery, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, two-jaw and facial surgery and wrinkle care
There are up-to-date standardized medical instruments for safe surgery
We have the double Ups system, emergency rescue system and other safety systems
The annex building is for post-surgery patient care service and for weight management service
B-Cell room consists of full sets of instruments to collect stem cells, which have the standardized sterile and chiller systems
Our dermatology clinic meets all requirements concerning therapy of all skin types, which comprises acne care rooms, wrinkle reducing rooms and laser rooms
A Number of Guaranteed Awards

BANOBAGI was awarded the grand prize in the 7th Korea global medical service, Medical Asia 2014 and other various medical awards

The grand prize in the 7th Korea Global Medical Service, Medical Asia 2014
South Korea Medical and Public Health Award : Excellent Plastic Surgery Hospital in 2015
Best Plastic Surgery of Republic of Korea Award
The 8th South Korea Environment Award
Appointed by Gangnam District to be the best hospital to give service to foreign patients in 2014
Luxury Brand Model Awards – LBMA STAR
Appointed to be an official main sponsor of South Korea Model Association
K-Brand Top 10 – selected by medias in China to be in Top 10 plastic surgery hospitals
The Award of Best Plastic Surgery Hospital, which welcome a great number of foreign patients, given by the governor of Gangnam District
Banobagi Hospital with Medias in the Country and Overseas

Banobagi was selected to participate in ‘Let Me In’ and has gained medical trust from other medias

Selected as Influential person from CCTV China
´Thanh Quynh´ from Vietnam National Broadcast VTV´s New Program ´Change Life´
´Pagma Chimegsaikhan´ from Mongolian National Broadcast TV-9 Program ´I´m Beautiful´
USFK Newspaper
Article on LA Times
Korean magazine ‘Women's Central’ Anti-aging Filler Special
Skillful surgical techniques for more than 17 years

Our experience and knowledge for more than 17 years can be measured in participation of national conferences and seminars

Training for medical students concerning facial plastic surgery at Inha University
Attending the conference overseas with celebrities such as Dr. Lemperle (who invented articol filler) and Dr. Nava ( Present of Surgeon Association Specialized in Plastic Surgery in Italy)
Training for surgeon teams in other countries such as U.S.A, Egypt, China, Thailand and Taiwan
Opening Banobagi Hospital surgery consulting center in Malaysia

Attending American Burn Association, Korean Society for Head and Neck Oncology, 12th Congress of International Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Presenting thesis in J Craniofac Surg. and in the journal of South Korea surgeon association specialized in plastic surgery

Invited to launch the beauty conference from An-Hyun Group in China

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