Natural Facial Movement

Elastic Thread Lift

Elastic Thread Lift
Restoring a Fresh and Youthful Appearance
  • Procedure Period
    30 minutes

  • Anesthesia
    Sedation/Topica Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal

  • Post Treatment
    1 to 2 Sessions

  • Recovery period
    2 days for daily activities

What is Elastic Thread Lift (Elasticum Lifting)?

Elastic thread lift is a procedure that uses a special thread that not immediately cut into the skin tissue. The thread is integrated into the tissues in few weeks after the procedure and its charactertic is similar to ligament, so it allows muscles to move freely and naturally as well as restore skin elasticity. At the rear end of the thread, there are two-tipped needles that help carry out a round shape suturing and volume lift, so only a very small incision is needed. Since the thread has its characteristic similar to ligament, the lifting effect can last longer.

Beautiful Face Line with Special Elasticum Thread / Elastic Thread Lift

Lifting Effect of the Elastic Thread
This elastic thread has a special chacteristic which can create a natural feeling when moving the face and body. Moreover, it gives a smooth touch similar to subcutaneous fat.
After 3 weeks, it absorbs into the body and transforms its characteristic like ligament giving elasticity to the skin as well as a natural face lift effect.

Special Features of Elastic Thread Lift


Smooth Feeling Similar to Subcutaneous Tissues

This elastic thread has a form of silicone core covered by weaved polyester like a net, so tissue damages are minimized. Also, smooth feeling similar to subcutaneous tissue can be achieved because it does not block the skin movement.


Precise Thread Lift with Elastic Skin Suspension

The thread with its silicone core has high level of elasticity and waved poluester covering the thread also gives high tensile strength as well as helps adjust the degree of skin restoration. Therefore, it can maintain the skin suspension and give a precise lifting effect.


Natural Movement and Skin Elasticity

Because this elastic thread absorbs into the body after 3 weeks and transfom its characteristic like ligament, a natural face lift and elastic skin can be achieved. An incision made to the skin is very small, so the scar is minimal.

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