Strong Twisted Threads

Tornado V Lift

Strong Twisted Threads
Creating a More Beautiful and Natural Face Line
  • Procedure Period
    30 minutes

  • Anesthesia
    Sedation/Topica Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal

  • Post Treatment

  • Recovery period

What is Tornado V Lift (Twist Thread Lift)?

This is lifting procedure which absorbable tornado threads/twisted threads are used. It is a safe lifting material approved by KFDA and CE. Strong lifing effect can be achieved since its knot can fix underneath of skin surface.
Moreover, the thread has elasticity similar to rubber band, so the skin is lifted in a natural way. It also helps stimulate collagen production, resulting in an increasing of skin elasticity.

Restoring V-line Face with Tornada Threads / Tornado V Lift

Strong Lifting Effect with Short Recovery Time
Tornado thread gives a two times stronger lifting effect than other lifting material and excellent effect on various areas such as sagging cheeks, smile lines and mouth wrinkles. Moreover, it requires short treatment operation time and quick recovery. When inserting the thread underneath the skin, it helps stimulate collagen formation and blood circulation, resulting in skin brightening.

Special Features of Tornado V Lift


Officially Approved by CE and KFDA

Tornado thread is an absorbable and the safest lifting material approved by KFDA. Tornado V lift is also approved by Europe CE, GMP and ISO.


Twisted Shaped that Give a Powerful Lifting Effect

A twisted shaped thread give an intense elasticity, so after the procedure, it allows the facial muscle to move freely and naturally. Morever, its stimulation is higher than other threads giving a favorable lifting effect.


Tissue Re-generation Effect

After the procedure, collagen formation is increased, so it is effective on tissue re-generation.

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