Real Story

Jo Min Ji´s story How bad was her condition?

※ The source of this video is Let Me In Season 5, The copyright of this video is in CJ E&M.

Her father feels so sorry for his daughter since she can´t chew well when she has meal. She also feels so sorry for her father. She tried her best to live confidently. However suddenly teeth and chin became weak couldn´t chew well which made her lose confidence. A girl who suffers from very severe asymmetry face.


We hope that she become a confident and beautiful girl through Banobagi plastic surgery

Diagnosis of Banobagi Plastic surgery 1:1 individualized plastic surgery for Park Jo Min Ji´s fresh new look!

Dr. Oh Chang-Hyun, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Emphasize V line with anterior Segmental Osteotomy and All for one squared jaw surgery. Corrected protruding mouth to natural face contour.

Dr. Park Sun-Jae, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Make define and classy eye shape with double embedding non-incisional method eyelid surgery.

Dr. Lee Hyun-Taek, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Using a filler injection, she improved her flat nose bridge and wide nose tip to be classy nose.

Dramatic changed as a lovely doll face Variety solutions from Banobagi

Eyes(Double embedding Non-Incision method)

Achieve clear and stylish eye shape with Double embedding Non-Incision method


Improves low and flat nose to stylish nose balanced with face shape

All-for-one Square jaw+Cheekbone+Front chin

Achieve V-Line face by Front chin, square jaw and cheekbone osteotomy to reduce the width

Double Jaw(Protruded mouth)

Correct Asymmetric protruded mouth to natural face line

Care program for helping fast recovery Specialized care system for Satisfying result!

Let Me In Season 5 Jo Minji´s Beauty Story Full of confident! Check out her dramatic change!

※ The source of this video is Let Me In5, The copyright of this video is in CJ E&M



Behind story

She changed dramatically and would like to socre herself 9 out of 10! She is working out and trying her best to achieve score 1 she did not gave herself when she lose more weight and have slimmer body line. She often hear people saying she got more cute than before the surgery, so she found her confidence which is the biggest change for her.


Banobagi hope Minji will always be satisfied with her comfortable and changed appearance.

Banobagi Beauty Gallery Cho, Minjin with full of confidence