Real Story

Seo Ji Eun´s story A girl scared from Dad, How bad was her condition?

※ The source of this video is Let Me In Season 5, The copyright of this video is in CJ E&M.

When she was emotional during high-school, she had hard time getting teased by her friends about her apperance. Besides, she was loosing her self-esteem and discouraged herself when she was looking at the mirror. She had broken heart, The problem was not only about her face but also her ruined life.


We hope that she become a confident and beautiful girl Through Banobagi plastic surgery. Will her dream come true?

Diagnosis of Banobagi Plastic surgery Seo Ji Eun´s 1:1 customized plastic surgery for make-over

Dr. Oh Chang-Hyun, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Emphasized V-line with All for one squared jaw surgery and fixed the mid line on her have with assymetric correction.

Dr. Park Sun-Jae, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Corrected her saggy and stuffy eyes to be defined and clear eyes with epicanthoplasty, lateralcanthoplasty, non-incision eyelid surgery with ptosis correction.

Dr. Lee Hyun-Taek, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Created prominent and Sleek nose from flat and asymmetric nose with nose tip plasty and nasal septal cartilage correction.

Dramatic change into adorable, lovely face Variety solutions from Banobagi

Forehead augmentation

Filler injection on the flat forehead to make voluminous image

Eyes(Epicanthoplasty, Lateral canthoplasty, Non-incision method eyelid surgery with ptosis correction)

Corrected her saggy and stuffy eyes to be defined and brighter eyes with ptosis correction

Nose(bridge augmentation, Tip plasty, Nasal septal cartilage correction)

Corrected flat and asymmetric nose to be more prominent and sleek

All-for-one squared jaw+Cheekbone reduction+Genioplasty

Emphasize V-line and reduce facial width with Genioplasty, Squared jaw, Cheekbone reduction surgery

Two jaw surgery(Asymmetry correction)

Corrected her asymmetric face and resloved dysmasesis problem

Accusculp(double chin)

Removed facial fat from under chin to make defined, tighten face contour

Care program for helping fast recovery Specialized care system for Satisfying result!

Let Me In Season 5 Seo Ji Eun´s beauty story Full of confident! Check out her dramatic change!

※ The source of this video is Let Me In5, The copyright of this video is in CJ E&M



Behind story

Ji eun´s jaw does not hurt anymore when she eats food. She can put her bad memories behind her of having difficulties to eat due to malocclusion and temporomandibular joint problem. And now she is confident to meet people. It is the most change that she overcome relationship with people. By forgetting her bad memory, now she is trying to achieve her dream.


Banobagi hopes that she become a confident and considerate girl.

Banobagi Beauty Gallery Seo Ji eun is whereever, whomever, always happy