Real Story

Choi Min Nyu´s Real Story Beauty taken by aging, how is her condition?

Choi Min Nyu has lot of troubles these days. She is in her 50s, but because of droopy and saggy skins, she looks like she is in her 60s. Even she uses cosmetics that are good for elasticity, saggy skins made her V-ine jaw like squares jaw.


She wants to regain her beauty by meeting Banobagi. Could her dreams come true?

Diagnosis from Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic Customized plastic surgery just for Choi Min Nyu!

Dr. Barn Jae-Sang, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Forehead, Face lift, V Botox, SVF cells Fat grafting Improved skin elasticity, wrinkles, and made small and tightened face.

Trasformed to image full of resilience! Various Beauty Solutions of Banobagi

Forehead lift(Endotine)

Flat masciline forehead improved to feminine and voluminous forehead!

Face Lift(MACS Lift)

Blurred and unclear face line corrected to clear and feminine ine!

V Botox

Improve flat and wide nose to harmonized and balanced nose that fits stylish golden ratio

SVF Cells Fat grafting
(forehead, temple, front cheekbone, cheekn, smile line)

By transplanted fat, skin tone is improved and gives bright images with youthful skin tone to skin which lost elasticity.

Care program for prompt recovery Specialized care system for Satisfying Result!

Anti-aging Choi Min Nyu´s Beauty Story Check out Choi Min Nyu´s dramatic Change with regined youth!


Anti-aging Film sketch

Choi Min Nyu, who found back youth at Banobagi!

No one thinks Choi Min Nyu is in her 50s now. Everyone thinks she beautiful and in her 40s. Min Nyu now smiles like she never smiled before after finding her youth taken by aging.


Banobagi cheers for Min Nyu´s young and beautiful life!



Behind Story

Choi Min Nyu told Banobagi that everyday is happiness. Before, she heard people saying she looks older than her age, or get some anti-aging treatments. But now, she gets compliments about her younger appearance and asked the secret of her beauty. The best thing is that she can proudly say she did nothing because the surgery is naturally done.


Banobagi look forward to Choi MinNyu´s dignifying life with regained beauty.

Banobagi Beauty Gallery Choi, Min Nyu, who found beauty back with youth