Real Story

An Ji Ho´s Story How is his condition?

He could not walk with his head up in his twenties because of his asymmetric jaw and long face. ´Your chin is crooked´, ´you look old´ is what he heard from people all the time. His personality shrunk and made him introverted from positive person. He could not noodles like others because of malocclusion.


He eagerly hopes to live normal and ordinary life by meeting Banobagi. Can his dreams come true?

Diagnosis from Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic Customized Plastis surgery for An Ji Ho´s new life!

Dr. Oh, Chang Hyun Plastic surgery specialist

Double jaw surgery with All-for-one square jaw surgery was peformed for asymmetry correction and achieved masculine but smooth face line.

Dr. Lee, Hyuntaek Plastic surgery specialist

Rhinoplasty for nose bridge and tip, with alar reduction for manly look and overall three dimensional image with define frame of face is achieved.

Transformed to perfect face with golden ratio Various Beauty Solutions of Banobagi

Double Jaw Surgery(Asymmetry)

The jaw that was long and asymmetrical face was corrected by small and normal ratio through Double jaw surgery!

Nose(Nose tip,Nose bridge, Alar reduction)

Improve flat and wide nose to straight, balanced, and harmonized nose tip

David Face contour
(Square jaw, Cheekbone, Front chin)

Smoothes the face line which was bumpy, and make manly and handsome face like David Statue

Care program for prompt recovery Specialized care system for Satisfying Result!



Behind Story

An Ji Ho, who became a lot more active than before, complains he is now eating too much noodles he hadn´t eat before. His silent and timid personality disappeared, and changed to positive and active person who looks others' eyes when he talks. Ji Ho just wanted finish rest of his university studies just like everyone else.


Banobagi hope he will achive all his desire with confidence!

Banobagi Beauty Gallery Born again with magnificent sculpture, An Ji Ho