Real Story

Lee Bo Eh´s Story how bed was her condition?

Lee Bo Eh who lost her confidence because the guy she liked told her "Please look at the mirror!" because she had severe aged face. She started to avoid people and stayed home all day and eventually she gained weight. Her wound was so serious that she even tried to suicide.


Now she is desperately hoping for beauty and suitable face for her age. Could Banobagi make her dreams come true?

Diagnosis of Banobagi Plastic surgery 1:1 individualized plastic surgery for Lee Bo Eh´s fresh new look

Dr. Oh Chang-Hyun, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

smooth face line with temple fat grafting made her face more feminine with forehead implant insertion

Dr. Park Sun-Jae, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

She improved her eyes to smart and feminine looking from sleepy and droopy eyes through Incision eyelids surgery with ptosis correction.

Dr. Lee Hyun-Taek, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Using own cartilage and inserting silicone implant to control her nose bridge and tip three dimensionally. By alar reduction, she made her nose straight and classy.

From aged face to baby face with well defined features Various Beauty solutions of Banobagi

Forehead implant transplant

Change to feminine and cute appearance from manly image

Eyes(Incision+ptosis correction)

From sleepy and droopy eyes to clear aqnd brighter eyes

Nose(bridge augmentation, tip plasty, alar reduction)

Holds the nose bridge and volumized the nose tip for three dimensional and refined image

Fat graft

Change to soft impression by fat grafting on sunken temple area

Double Jaw surgery + All-for-one square jaw

correct of malocclusion and change to volumized egg-shaped face line

Care program for fast recovery Specialized care system for Satisfying result!



렛미인으로 변신에 성공한
이보애와 함께!

비만 은둔녀라고 불리우던 이보애 씨의 실루엣이 보이는 순간 스튜디오에 있던 모든 사람들이 깜짝 놀랐습니다. 살이 빠지기 전 자신의 모습이 싫어 숨으려던 모습은 간데 없고, 자신감이 생겨 어디든 자유롭게 나갈 수 있다는 그녀의 말에 모두가 환호를 보냈습니다.


자신의 나이에 맞는 아름다움을 되찾은 이보애 씨, 바노바기가 늘 행복하길 바랍니다!



Behind story

Lee Bo Eh who had been heart breaken by man because of her aged face being set up blind date after surgery. It´s been 2 years to do the blind date she said, she seemed awkward, but smiled as time goes. No doubt that she'll find out to meet such as Daddy Long Legs to get rid of her wounds


Banobagi hope for Lee Bo Eh´s life to be full of smile just like now!