Real Story

Jang YeSuel´s story How bad was her condition?

She looks uncomfortable in some way and she suffers from back pain after sitting down for a long time. Her humongous festered I-cup sized breasts comes down to her waist line which is casuing pain in her shoulder and back. But the most terrifying thing is how people are looking at her breasts.


She wants to be freed from people´s eyes and severe pain from humongous breasts. Will she be able to get a new life?

Dignosis with Banobagi Plastic Surgery 1:1 individualized plastic surgery for Jang Yel Suel´s fresh new look!

Barn Jae-Sang, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Getting a whole body liposuction to become slim s-line figure and through tear shaped breast reduction surgery, her giant breast became more natural and beautiful one.

Oh Chang-Hyun, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

He managed to turn her face into V-line shaped through correcting protruding mouth and all for one squared jaw surgery.

Park Sun-Jae, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Through double-embedding non-incision method to change her droopy and sagging eyes into more defined younger looking shaped eyes.

Lee Hyun-Taek,Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

By nose bridge and nose tip surgery, natural and classy nose was made with adjusting nose´s volume and a 3-dimensional effect.

Dramatic change into perfect symmetrical face! Banobagi´s various beauty solutions

Forehead augmentation

Turning flat and wide forehead into voluminous forehead through implant

Eyes(Double-embedding non-incision method)

Fixing sleepy and droopy eyes into brighter eyes

Nose(Nose bridge augmentation, tip plasty)

Presenting face´s 3-dimensional effect and elegant look through fixating nose bridge and nose tip

Protruding mouth correction, All-For-One squared jaw surgery

Tranforming into V-line facial contouring line from protruding mouth

Whole body liposuction

Rebirth to s-line terminator from chubby body

Breast reduction with teardrop shape

Her giant breast which made her impossible to live normal life became beautifully natural!

Post operative treatments for fast recovery Specialized care system for satisfying result!




렛미인으로 변신에 성공한
장예슬과 함께!

장예슬씨가 거대한 가슴 때문에 겪었던 많은 일들을 사람들은 모두 안타까워했습니다. 하지만 그녀의 등장과 함께 사람들은 감탄을 금치 못했습니다. 아름답고 자연스러운 가슴과 모두가 부러워하는 S라인 종결자로 거듭난 그녀! 더 나아가 걸그룹을 능가하는 여신급 비주얼로 한껏 아름다워진 예슬 씨는 어느 때보다 밝은 표정이었습니다.


거대한 가슴으로부터 자유로워진 장예슬 씨가 세상 앞에 당당히 나아갈 수 있기를 바노바기가 진심으로 응원합니다.



Behind story

YeSuel is so excited since she had been selected by commercial company as a model. She was so excited and happy to be a model of Banobagi Plastic Surgery cosmetic brand, the clinic which changed her life. She was so natural like professional model during her photo shoot with confidence.


Banobagi is expecting Yeseul´s beautiful and confidence future just like now!

Banobagi Beauty Gallery Jang Ye Suel, became s-line terminator

Selfie time