Real Story

Park Dong Hee´s story How bad was her condition?

Height of 181cm, manly developed facial structure, Extreme case of protruding mouth showing over 15mm of gum when smiling. Her heart was broken after getting attentions from people because of her look and being called "ugly giant girl" and "Frankenstein" throughout her peers.


She desires to get an ordinary life as a woman through Banobagi Plastic surgery. Let´s check out if her wish came true.

Diagnosis with Banobagi Plastic Surgery 1:1 individualized plastic surgery for Park Dong Hee´s fresh new look!

Dr. Barn Jae-Sang, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Slim S-line figure and no sagging skin was made from getting high-capacity liposuction in abdomen, love-handle, thigh area.

Dr. Oh Chang-Hyun, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

The forehead fat-graft and All For One facial contouring surgery was to make smooth face contour line, also double-jaw surgery, gum resection surgery, botox and filler injection was done to make natural face line.

Dr. Park Sun-Jae, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

By peforming double embedding method to make her droopy shaped eyes more feminine, definite out-lined which it won´t be unfolded easily.

Dr. Lee Hyun-Taek, Specialized surgeon in Plastic surgery

Through Shining Rhinoplasty, which it made nose higher and more prominent to maintain the balance in face to have classy, proportioned and prominent nose.

Dramatic change into perfect symmetrical face Banobagi´s various beauty solutions

Forehead fat graft(Profile plasty)

Turning flat and masculine forehead into feminine and voluminous forehead!

Eyes(Double embedding Non-incisional method)

Turning stuffy and indefinite line into feminine and distinct out-line!

Nose(tip plasty, Nose brige augmentation)

Improving nose through finding the harmony and balance between flat nose bridge and wide nose tip to get a classy perfect symmetrical nose!

Facial contouring
(Squared jaw, Zygoma reduction, Genioplasty, Face liposuction)

Amazing change from trimming manly and unsophisticated facial contouring line to classy and feminine face!

Smile-line botox filler

Improved her smile-line from extremely asymmetrical lip to symmetrical one!

Pigment laser, Whitening treatment, Water glow injection, All-in-one therapy

Recreating her dull skin into bright and clear skin through combined consultation with Banobagi´s dermatology clinic!

Double-jaw surgery(Protruding mouth), Gum resection surgery

Improved protruding mouth and spider-style mouth into natural and more beautiful smiling face!

Liposuction(Abdomen, love handle, thigh)

Revive into elegantly beautiful body line from extreme obese condition through high capacity liposuction

Post-operation care for faster recovery Satisfied result from specialized care system!




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박동희와 함께!

박동희 씨의 달라진 모습이 공개되자 예상을 뛰어 넘는 엄청난 비주얼 충격에 스튜디오의 모든 사람들은 경악을 금치 못했습니다. 그동안 감출수밖에 없었던 아름다운 여성성을 한껏 드러내는


박동희 씨의 행복한 모습이 앞으로도 계속되기를
바노바기가 응원합니다!



Behind story

Park Dong Hee was excited to tell us about her recent news of getting an offer as a model which she can do with her tall height. Eventhough she was very teased by others about her height, she valued it because it was inherited by her father and we could tell that she was just a pure tenderhearted girl. But when she strikes a pose at a photoshoot, she changes completely with fierce pose to make us think that she is a super model.


We look forward to see more of this beautiful and passionate woman, Park Dong Hee

Banobagi´s Beauty gallery Perfectly proportioned goddess, Park Dong Hee

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