For Your Special Day

Wedding D-DAY Program

For Your Special Once in a Life Time Moment
Revealing Your True Beauty

What is Wedding D-DAY Program?

BanobagiI’s Wedding D-day Program is a customized beauty program for a bride and a groom for their special wedding day. It aims to create an elegance and beautiful body figure with personalized treatment program. We will put every effort to make you the best outshine in your once in a life time moment through our systematic fat reduction treatment without yo-yo effect.

For Your One and Only Day / Wedding D-Day Program

A Perfect Solution for Your Special Day
Banobagi’s Wedding D-day Program is a customized treatment program to create a perfect body silhouette by reducing excessive fat and providing intensive care for your specific body parts creating a beautiful curvy body shape. This program is not only suitable for a bride-to-be but also those who desire to have a good look for other special moments, such as commencement day, job interview or travelling. Especially, for those who have been married but would like take memorable photos or arrange wedding ceremony again, we also provide special treatment courses for body removal as well as wrinkles and skin treatment to restore your youthful appearance.

Special Features of Wedding D-DAY Program


Customized Solution for Preparatory Periods

You can choose 30 days, 60 days or 90 days program to suit your wedding plan. Banobagi’s Wedding D-day Program plans to systematically treat excessive body fat without yo-yo effect and create your beautiful curvy body.


Perfect Body Shape for the Wedding Dress

Banobagi’s Wedding D-day Program can create the perfect body silhouette for your special day. We provide various body care treatments to enhance the overall body line for a bride who want to be in the perfect shape for her beautiful wedding dress.


Facial Skin Care in Joint with Banobagi Dermatology

With special skin care devices including Cryocell, Vitaliont, and Ionzyme, it is possible to treat every skin trouble including pigmentation and acne scarring prior to your special day. You can outshine yourself on your special day with a sleek and smooth facial line.

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