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Customized Weight Management Program to Create a Slim Figure

What is My Slim Manager?

Banobagi My Slim Manager is a customized weight management program that is designed to provide the optimum weight management solution for the individual patient. We offer a systematic weight management treatment program as well as follow-up programs to create a beautiful body line and prevent the yo-yo syndrome.

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My Slim Manager, Taking Care of My Body Figure!
is also critical to create a slim body line by removing excessive fat and cellulite deposit on regional area, such as thighs, belly and arms. Moreover, despite the excessive fat is removed, it is important to maintain the beautiful figure after the procedure.
Banobagi My Slim Manager program helps maintain your beautiful body figure by analyzing causes of weight gain and reduce excessive fat while maintaining skin elasticity and curvy and voluminous body.

My Slim Manager Special Features


Entire Body Obesity Treatment

If fat is distributed evenly over the body, the obesity treatment program is proper. This program aims to reduce a relatively large amount of body fat while retaining the skin firmness and body balance. Banobagi weight management clinic creates the smooth and firm skin as well as the slim beautiful body figure.


Topical Obesity Treatment

The topical obesity treatment program is to effectively remove the fat and cellulite deposited on a specific part of the body such as thighs, abdomen and arms. Banobagi can create a slim and beautiful body line with a safe and simple procedure.


Follow-Up Management

No matter how much the patient has lost his/her weight, it is still possible for the patient to go back to the obesity state if he/she fails to manage the weight properly. Therefore, Banobagi offers various follow-up management programs, so the patient could maintain a beautiful body figure without the yo-yo syndrome.

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