Beautiful Body Line without Excessive Fat

Doctor B Injection

Outstanding Techniques that Developed with Extensive Know-how
Injection Lipolysis Therapy

What is Doctor B Injection?

Banobagi Doctor B Injection is a safe and effective injection lipolysis therapy that has been developed by Banobagi Weight Management Clinic upon its extensive researches and clinical experiences. Through a customized injection lipolysis therapy, a special mixture of drugs is injected into areas of fat deposits to get rid of the fat. We do not aim for a simply weight loose but we aim to restore your beautiful body line.

Effective Procedure for Regional Fat Deposits / Doctor B Injection

Focused Lipolysis Treatment
Banobagi Doctor B Injection is effective for those who concern about specific areas of fat deposits and cellulite that may be difficult to get rid of by an exercise. It is also suitable for those who do not have much spare time and are reluctant to undergo surgical procedure as well as those who have edema due to poor blood circulation.
Banobagi Doctor B Injection can be administered at any body part, including arm, man breast, armpit, back, buttocks, abdomen and calf.

Special Features of the Doctor B Injection


Maximization of Treatment Effects

Banobagi Doctor B Injection is directly injected into cellulite and fat cells, so the drug can absorb into the body efficiently and its effect is maximized. Also, through a gently and delicate injection performed by a skilled doctor, a natural and beautiful body line can be created.


Strong Synergy Effects

Doctor B Injection is usually performed as a part of the special weight management program at Banobagi Hospital. We offer Doctor B Injection along with various fat removal treatment tailored to patient’s need to maximize the treatment effect.


Simple Procedure for People in Modern Society

Banobagi Doctor B Injection is suitable for people in modern society who do not have much spare time. There is almost no pain during the procedure. Bruising is less and there is no need of recovery but still has a strong lipolysis effect.

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