Wrong decision correction

Foreign material
Removal on Nose

Natural Restoration
with foreign material removal on nose
  • Procedure Period
    1 hour~ 2 hour and half

  • Anesthesia
    Sedation/ General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization
    Not required

  • Suture Removal
    7 ~ 10 days after surgery

  • Post Treatment
    2~3 times

  • Recovery Period
    Differs by removal method

What is Foreign material Removal on Nose?

It is very dangerous to insert non-medical foreign substances such as industrial silicone, artificial bone powder, paraffin, vaseline, liquid acrylic, etc. into human body. These erroneous procedures can cause side effects such as calcification, skin ulceration, skin necrosis, and tumors, as well as deformation, inflammation, excessive swelling, itching and skin sagging.If you made the wrong choice, it is important to remove the material as earliest as possible.

Wise choice to correct wrong Rhinoplasty
Foreign material Removal on Nose

Medical Team with abundant Experience

The quick removal of foreign material is most important matter.
It is possible that the foreign material and the surrounding tissues are adhered to each other too much or the secondary deformation may be severely left, so that all the foreign material can not be removed. In addition, there is a limitation to returning to the same condition as before after removing foreign material. If severe, secondary side effects such as skin necrosis may occur. It is important to remove the foreign material as soon as possible in order to reduce this side effect.
Non-medical materials that causes side effects
It is important to remember that the right Plastic surgery for beauty is achieved when a plastic surgeon with a wealth of experience and skills is using a certified healthcare product. Banobagi minimizes damage to normal tissue during foreign material removal procedure, thus prevent secondary side effects and correct nose shape.

Foreign material Removal Surgical method

  • Removal by type of foreign material
  • Removal from the area where the foreign substance is injected
  • Removing foreign material only without rhinoplasty

Removal by type of foreign material

Hyaluronidase is injected to dissolve the filler, or surgery for removal of the non-medical foreign material such as industrial purpose silicone or paraffin.


 Removal from the area where the foreign substance is injected

Most of the foreign material can be safely removed if it is injected into a sufficiently deep space. However, if it is injected close to the skin, it may be necessary to leave some of the foreign material in order to maintain blood flow to the skin and soft tissues. Surgery is performed in a direction that minimizes the rugged deformation of the surface.

safely removes most foreign material, advances the surgery in the direction of minimizing deformation

Removing only foreign material without rhinoplasty

Accusculpt procedure and injection therapy removes foreign material, or if the foreign body has a wide range of foreign substances and penetrates much into the normal tissue, it is dissected in a similar manner to rhinoplasty.
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