Banobagi Hospital
to Set the Standard of Beauty We will raise the value of beauty
with your new life
ORIGIN Derivation of Banobagi

Do you want to know how name ´Banobagi´ is created?
Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic was first opened
in year of 2000, and four plastic surgery doctors
were together since 2002.
Then in 2007, the plastic surgery clinic moved
to current location, and was designated officially
under last names of four surgeons
(Ban,Jaesang, Oh,Changhyun, Park,Sunjae, and Lee,hyuntaek) to name the clinic, BANOBAKI.
The clinic logo is made by simplifying
the face of four representative surgeons.

LET美人 Consecutively selected as ´Let Me In´ (LET美人) doctors

Banobagi surgeons have been consecutively
selected as ´Let Me In´ (LET美人) doctors for season 2, 3, 4 and 5.
We heal heart-broken people who have suffered
from their appearance and help them regain their self-esteem

GOAL Banobagi, a Highly Recommended Hospital

As a representative hospital in Korean plastic surgery industry,
we promise to continue to strive to be a hospital
that is acknowledged for outstanding surgery techniques
as well as heart-warming medical services and always be
a hospital that patients love and would like to recommend.

SPEACIALIST Special Plastic Surgery Services for You

Banobagi hospital provides a wide variety of
customized plastic surgery services as well as
the latest model of medical equipment to guarantee patient
satisfaction at a 6-story main building and a 5-story annex building.

HUMANISM The Medical Philosophy of Banobagi

Banobagi Hospital, with its human-oriented medical philosophy,
we never recommend any unnecessary procedures and/or
treatments for gaining financial benefits.

Introduction to use Real Name of surgeon for Operation

Banobagi post the name of the surgeon who performs and in charge of the surgery, and assist surgeon (including anesthesiologist) in front of the operation room for patients to feel at ease for safe operation. It is Banobagi´s sincerity and responsibility to open the medical staff information for patients´ trust.
The principle of Banobagi is honesty from consultation to post-operative treatments. We will be the clinic to put human first, and keep walk in the path of virtue.
We are the medical team of Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic for your Beauty.
SAFETY Consideration for Safety

Banobagi Hospital continue to take every safety measure
including advanced operation facilities,
emergency power systems, and full-time anesthetists
for assuring of a patient´s safety.

MOTTO It all comes to medical skills and knowledge of doctors

Banobagi Hospital always notes that "the excellency of a hospital
is a matter of medical skills and knowledge of each one of doctors
rather than the luxurious appearance."

RENOVATION High Quality Medical Care Setting

Through the renovation of the hospital buildings,
Banobagi has established high-quality medical care
setting in order to provide the satisfactory medical services.