Apple Hips with Toned Skin

Squat Hip Lift

S-line body with Beautiful Bottom
Apple Shaped Hip without Exercise
  • Procedure Period
    30 minutes

  • Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal
    After 7 days

  • Post Treatment
    1 to 2 sessions

  • Recovery Period
    2 days for daily activities

What is Hip Lift?

The thread which used in squat hip lift procedure is made of weaved silicone and polyester. This special type of thread has more elasticity than the regular thread, so it can restore skin elasticity and natural movement. This procedure is to elevate the buttlocks muscles and maintain them at the desired position. The thread plays a role of ligament improving the sagging of the skin and maintains volume and skin elasticity

No Large Area of Incision / Squat Hip Lift

Simple Procedure with Two-tipped Needle
Elastic thread was developed by Surgio Capurro, an Italian plastic surgeon in the 1980s. The thread iwas created by using weaving technique famous in Genova, Italy.Capurro started to make elastic thread only for himself and surgeons that he knew.
This procedure

can be done with 30 minutes. Patients are allowed the see hip lift effect immediately without long period of exercise. Only a small incision is made, so there is a small amount of scars and its recovery is fast.

Special Features of Squat Hip Lift


Natural Movement

The elastic thread elevates the buttlocks muscles and works like a ligament, so natural shaped hip with elastic skin can be achieved.


Fast and Simple Procedure

This is a fast and simple procedure which a small incision of 1 cm is made at in the fold between two buttlocks to insert small needles. Only a small incision is needed, so the procedure can be done within 30 minutes.


Long-lasting Effect of Hip Lift with Elastic Skin

This elastic thread has a form of silicone core covered by weaved polyester like a net, giving a high tensile strength and elasticity. Therefore, it is safe and suitable to use for a long-term hip lift without the risk of foreign body reaction.

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