No More Flat Back of Head

Skull Reshaping

Confident Selection
To Overcome Complexes!
  • Procedure Period
    1 hour

  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia /Sedattion

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal
    7 days

  • Post Treatment
    1 to 2 sessions

  • Recovery Period
    2 weeks for daily activities

What is Skull Reshaping?

Skul reshaping or back of head augmentation is an aesthetic surgical procedure that uses Osteobond, a safe implant material, to correct the flat head. The back of the head plays a key role in creating an overall image as well as hair style. With expertise skull reshaping surgery performed at Banobagi Hospital, we can provide a satiafactory result and resolve your concerns of the flat back of the head..

Implant Material Tailored to Each Patient Skull Shape / Skull Reshaping Surgery

Skull Reshaping Procedure
The skull reshaping procedure is performed under local anesthesia or sedation. Hair is tied up then an incision of 4~5cm is made. There is no need of hair removal. After making an incision, osteobond is inserted and the surgeon delicately corrects it in a desired shape. When osteobond gets hardened completely, the incision will be closed with sutures and the head will be wrapped with bandage. Scars would not be visible since they are covered with hair.

Special Features of Skull Reshaping Surgery


Outstanding Aesthetic Sense of a Surgeon

In case of skull reshaping procedure at Banobagi Hospital, paste-like Osteobond is inserted into the back of the head and then corrected in desired shape. This procedure is not easy to perform, so it should be carried out by a skilled surgeon with an outstanding aesthetic sense in order to achieve a favorable outcome.


Osteobond for Beautiful Shaped Head

Osteobond is a safe paste-like form of implant material approved by FDA and KFDA. Since it can be shaped during the procedure, patients do not have to make a hospital visit prior to the surgery and it can be performed within a day.


Available for Every Part

Banobagi Hospital offers a skull reshaping surgery that is suitable for every part of the head. It does not matter whether the head is flat, uneven or imbalanced, this procedure can reshape the head into a favorable contured shape.

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