Creating an Attractive Face

Design Filler

Are you satisfied with the flat face?
You can transform your image with fillers
  • Procedure Period
    10 minutes

  • Anesthesia
    Local Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal

  • Post Treatment

  • Recovery Period

What is design filler?

Many plastic surgery clinics claim that the filler procedure is ‘a simple and safe procedure for filling up the sunken facial areas.’ The primary objective of filler procedures is to add volume to the face but Banobagi Hospital aims for more. We believe that an overall facial image transformation is the ultimate reason why people desire to recieve filler injection. Therefore, we aim to create a more attractive face with filler injection.

Design Filler / Not Only Facial Volume But Also an Overall Facial Image

Outstanding Aesthetic Sense of a Surgeon
At Banobagi Hospital, fillers are injected by a plastic surgeon with extensive experiences. To provide a satisfactory outcome, we not only aim to add some volume to the depressed facial area but also inject right amount of fillers to create a well-proportioned face and facial balanceness. With extensive know-how and expertise of Banobagi’s surgeons, we can transform your entire facial image.

Design Filler of Special Features


Design Nose Correction

This is a simple nose correction procedure that uses only safe fillers such as Restylane and Teosyal to correct the nose. It can be completed within 10 minutes and patients can return to daily activities immediately. Banobagi Hospital enhances the overall shape of the nose by injecting fillers that match with each patient nasal condition and also, the face may look smaller.


Design Profile Correction

It is a simple facial contouring procedure. Banobagi Hospital designs your overall facial image based on its abundant experiences. Rather than simply add volume to the face, we transform your facial image into an ideal desired image.


Thorough Preparatory System

Filler procedures are considered to be one of the simplest aesthetic procedures but they could also cause side-effects such as allergic reactions and dermolysis. Banobagi is fully equipped with medical devices including a hyperbaric oxygen therapy device to cope with such side-effects and we also provide medication for blood circulation.

Before & After

Design Filler (Forehead + Frontal Cheekbone + Nasolabial Folds + Cheeks)

Design Filler (Frontal Cheekbone + Cheeks + Forehead + Nose)

Artecoll (Nose Bridge)

Artecoll (Nasolabial Folds)

Artecoll (Receding Chin)

※ Please note: The image may differ by photographing condition, and was published after shooting obtain patient consent.
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