Completing Your Hair Style

Natural Ear Correction

The Ears, Key Role in Facial Balance
Eyes, Nose and Mouth in Harmony
  • Procedure Period
    1 to 2 hours

  • Anesthesia
    General/Patial Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal
    7 days

  • Post Treatment

  • Recovery Period
    7 days for daily activities

What is a natural ear correction?

The ears have been found out to be the best identification so far. The ears have to be shown in a passport photo since they are the part that reveals personal features of a person. They also play a key role in balancing out the face, accentuating the smooth V-line and completing a natural hairstyle.

For Creating the Ideal Ears Shape Natural Ear Correction

Various Natural Ear Correction Procedures
There are a wide variety of ear shapes, such as sticking out ear, cryptotia, small ear (microtia), folded ear, ear without lobe, Stahl’s ear and so on, so various ear correction metods are required. The ears can be corrected with cartilage graft, skin graft, autologous tissue transplantation, incision, removal of cartilage wrinkle and suture. In some case, injection treatment and medication are also performed.
Despite your eyes, nose and mouth are well-proportioned, it should be noted that a natural and proportionate facial image also comes from a suitable shape and size of the ear. Banobagi Hospital puts every effort to design and create the ideal ear shape in harmonious of facial features.

Special Features of Natural Ear Correction


Selection of the Most Suitable Ear Correction Procedure

Banobagi Hospital selects an ear correction procedure that is the most suitable for each patient through the medical examination and consultation. With expertise and technique of surgeons at Banobagi Hospital, we create the most ideal shape of the ear for the individual patient.


Extensive Experiences and Advanced Surgical Techniques

The ideal shape of the ear could be varied upon sociocultural backgrounds and personal preference. Still, Banobagi can create the most satisfactory shape of the ear through various solutions with its extensive experiences and advanced surgical techniques.


Banobagi Seeking for Facial Balance and Harmony

Banobagi aims to correct the ear to be proportional with the entire face along with the nose, eyes and mouth. In order to achieve this goal, it is critical for a surgeon to have a deep understanding about the golden ration and well-proportioned face shape.

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