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Secondary Cleft Lip Surgery

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  • Procedure Period
    1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours

  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia /Sedattion

  • Hospitalization

  • Suture Removal
    7 days

  • Post Treatment
    3 to 4 sessions

  • Recovery Period
    7 weeks for daily activities

What is the secondary cleft lip surgery?

The secondary cleft lip surgery requires a comprehensive and coordinate teamwork of plastic surgeons, dentists and dermatologists. Banobagi operates the one-stop system to resolve aesthetical and functional issues of the cleft lip in order to provide the ultimate solution for the secondary cleft lip surgery.

Approaching Various Deformities with Various Methods / Secondary Cleft Lip Surgery

The Secondary Cleft Lip Surgery should Be Performed after Adolescent
The primary cleft lip surgery is usually performed at 2~4 months of age. However, the secondary cleft lip surgery is performed when the area has deformed due to its growth. It is usually conducted after adolescent, but some people decide to take it at an earlier age because they concern that others may make fun of them.
Unlike the primary cleft lip surgery of which surgical techniques and procedure have been standardized, the secondary cleft lip surgery is much complicated since it has to cope with medical conditions of the individual patient. Therfore, expertise and experinces of surgeons play a very important role in the cleft lip and palate correction.

Special Features of the Secondary Cleft Lip Surgery


Rhinoplasty – Restoration of Aesthetical and Functional Condition

The deformed nose not also causes aesthetic issues but also various functional issues. Patients with deviated nasal septum may have significant breathing problems. Therefore, it should be corrected through various surgical procedures including implantation, osteotomy and autologous cartilage transplantation to resolve both aesthetic and functional issues.


Secondary Cleft Lip Deformities – Lips Asymmetry Correction and Scar Removal

Even though the cleft lip is corrected through the primary cleft lip surgery, asymmetry of the lips can be presented. During the secondary cleft lip surgery, all the factors causing deformities should be corrected in one attempt. Also, the dental treatments should be administered together to create more satisfactory outcomes.


Various Surgical Techniques

There are many cases that even after the primary cleft lip surgery, some part of the cleft lip and palate may not be completely corrected or there are remaining scars and deformity. Therfore, Banobagi offers a wide variety of secondary cleft lip surgical techniques, such as fat graft, skin transplantation, re-suturing, rhinoplasty and facial countouring surgery to guarantee a successful outcome.

Before & After

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