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Revision Body Contouring

Uneven Skin from Previous Liposuction
Favorable Body Shape Transformation!

What is Revision Body Contouring?

Revision body contouring via liposuction revision aims to treat fibrous scar tissues and new blood vessels that are generated on the initial procedure as well as sunken body parts and saggy skin. This is much more complicated than the initial surgical procedure. Therefore, a patient needs to have a detailed consultation with a specialized surgeon who has extensive experiences in the procedure.

Revision Body Contouring Correcting Unnatural Body Line

Revision Body Contouring, Recommended after 6 Months.
In case of revision liposuction procedure, it is recommended to consider the revision at 6 months after the previous liposuction. However, it can be performed earlier if a side-effect is severe or asymmetrical or uneven results are significantly shown.
Various Reasons to Consider a Revision Body Contouring.
There are various reasons to consider a revision body contouring, for example, inadequate skin removal, asymmetrical results from previous liposuction, sagging or uneven skin remaining after tummy tuck or body lift and others. Banobagi Hospital offers a special treatment and various solutions to eliminate every type of fat.

Special Features of Revision Body Contouring


All Weight Loss Solution

Banobagi Hospital offers all weight loss solution programs including a non-invasive weight loss solution and a safe surgical procedure in order to provide the most satisfactory outcome.


Retouch by Injecting Fillers

Revision Body Contouring is not limited to removal of unwanted fat. In cases of sunken skin and/or imbalance body part, which are side-effects of liposuction, it is possible to correct those areas by injecting fillers.


Various Liposuction Devices

A favorable revision body contouring results is achieved through various types of liposuction devices, such as Zeltiq (a non-invasive fat-freezing machine), Body Tite (Radio Frequency Liposuction device), and AccuSculpt laser.

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