Sculpted and Toned Abs


Droopy Skin from Obesity, Pregnancy or Aging / Sleek Abs with Banobagi’s Customized Procedure

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin around the stomach. Banobagi’s abdominoplasty is a customized procedure which aims to improve saggy skin due to obesity, pregnancy or aging while creating beautiful and tight abdomen. In order to achieve a satisfactory outcome, a thorough medical examination is conducted to evaluate a patient’s condition, such as skin firmness, abdominal muscle contractility, distribution of abdominal fat and others. Also, an individual patient will be asked about their age, pregnancy, experience of cesarean section and others.

처짐의 상태에 따라 다양한 수술이 가능한 Abdominoplasty

Extensive Experiences and Various Laser Treatments
Abdominoplasty is performed with various surgical/procedural techniques depending on each patient’s abdomen condition. Banobagi Hospital creates an ideal body line with its extensive know-how on liposuction. Moreover, the latest model of laser devices, such as Belody Laser and Body Tite Laser are used tighten and tone the skin.
Surgical Technique Depending on a Degree of Skin Sagging
The degrees of abdominal skin sagging can be classified into three types; ‘slight’, ‘moderate’, ‘significant’. In case of a slight sagging belly skin, it can be treated by only liposuction procedure and lifting laser treatment. However, if you have your belly skin sagging in moderate degree, an incision under the belly button line may be considered. Also, a 360-degree incision technique is made along your waist to improve a significant sagging skin.

Special Features of Abdominoplasty


Extensive Experiences on Liposuction

Banobagi’s Body Contouring Centre has handled hundreds of cases every year and we still put every effort to conduct more research in order to develop a better surgical technique and create the most satisfactory outcome.


Advanced Lifting Laser

The latest model of laser lift device and laser liposuction device are usually used at Banobagi Hospital. A toned, sculpted body is built with the state-of-the-art laser lifting instruments, such as Accusculpt Laser and Body Tite Laser.


Accurate Dermolipectomy

Types of abdominoplasty incision and where it placed vary depending on the degree of the sagging skin and the location of abdominal fat. With a precise and accurate dermolipectomy performed at Banobnagi, scars are minimized while improving loose skin.

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