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Calf Reduction

Sleek and Slim Calf line
Make the Leg Look Longer

What is Calf Reduction?

Calf reduction procedure, also known as a skirt balance calf reduction procedure, is to create a beautiful calf line. It is said that slim calf is the key to create an ideal body figure. However, a slim calf cannot be created solely with liposuction but with various surgical/treatment procedures depending on its condition. Therefore, it is important to have the operation done with specialized surgeons.

Calf Reduction Procedure To Solve Complex Problems in Claves Shape

Plastic Surgery with Extensive Know-Hows on Body Contouring
Calf reduction is one of the basic body contouring procedures. When it comes to the selection of a plastic surgery hospital for calf reduction, you have to check whether a surgeon is able to create a beautiful leg line proportional to the body line. Banobagi Hospital offers various body contouring procedures, such as thigh and ankle liposuction and hip-up surgery, that can match with your calf condition and improve an entire body shape.
Types of Calf Reduction Procedure by Calf Types
Calf reduction method differ by types of calves including over-developed medial gastrocnemius, over-developed lateral gastrocnemius, over-developed soleus, fat cell hypertrophy, abnormally large ankle and complex developmental types. Since patient’s claves have their characteristic, it is important to analyze and select suitable methods for calf reduction.

Special Features of Calf Reduction


Calf Reduction + Liposuction

Only reducing muscles size might not create a beautiful lower leg. In some cases, mini liposuction is also required to reduce calves fat. The procedure can be performed using Body Tite Laser and Plasma Lipo laser machine.


Safe Lateral Gastrocnemius Reduction

With a special radiofrequency device at Banobagi, it is now possible to permanently reduce the lateral gastrocnemius, which cannot be removed by the conventional calf reduction procedure.


Aftercare Program

Being a ‘patient-centre’ hospital, Banobagi offers a special treatment program after an operation to assure an accurate and satisfactory surgical outcome, such as a massage to enhance blood circulation and help speed up the recovery.

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