Beautiful Body Line BANOBAGI

Full Body Liposuction

Dramatic Surgical Procedure to Reveal Your True Body Line
A Perfect Choice for a Beautiful and Tone Body
  • Procedure Period
    5 to 6 hours

  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization Period
    1 to 2 days

  • Suture Removal
    After 5 to 7 days

  • Post Treatment

  • Recovery Period
    1 week for daily activities

What is Full Body Liposuction?

Full body liposuction can be performed through several sessions, but it is ideal to remove the desired amount of fat in one session. Since it is rather challenging to remove large volumes of fat with less blood loss, it is critical to find a surgeon with extensive experiences and know-how on the liposuction. Banobagi Hospital has extensive surgical experiences with thousands cases of liposuction since its opening in 2000.

A Genuine Liposuction Technique to Remove a Desired Amount of Fat at Once Full Body Liposuction

Unexperienced surgeon cannot aesthetically remove fat.
If a body liposuction is performed in several sessions, it might deliver a less satisfactory result because patients usually undergo another liposuction session while the body is still swollen from the previous one. Full body liposuction in a single operation requires expertise and experiences of surgeons to handle with the change of body electrolyte and blood vessels during a large volume of fat removal. Unqualified or inexperienced surgeons may find that a single operation for full body liposuction is quite difficult. Therefore, the procedure is carried out in stages which may result in an imbalance body line. It is recommended that patients should have a full body liposuction procedure done in one session in order to reach their aesthetic goals.

Special Features of Banobagi’s Liposuction


Consultation and Body Type Analysis

Prior to the procedure, a precise medical examination is conducted to get a clear view on the distribution of body fat. INBODY270 (a body composition analyzer) is used to analyze the amounts of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat as well as the amount of fat in each body part. Also, a medical consultation is taken place to determine a patient’s psychological state, physical health problems and an expected liposuction result.



Banobagi Hospital provides a delicate and safe liposuction procedure. The operation time may take approximately 4-5 hours depending on the amount of fat and body types. In general, patients will be discharged on the same day but some cases may need to be hospitalized for one or two days.



Banobagi Hospital creates the most satisfactory outcome by providing aftercare programs. The patient is required to wear a customized compression garment for up to 12 hours a day for at least 3 weeks to 3 months after the liposuction. We provide various aftercare programs including a scar treatment program to ensure an attractive body shape.

Before & After

※ Please note: The image may differ by photographing condition, and was published after shooting obtain patient consent.
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