Drooping of the eyelid due to aging?

Eye Rejuvenation Surgery

Drooping eyelid due to aging
Inevitable, but not insolvable
  • Procedure Period
    1 hour

  • Anesthesia
    Local Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization Period

  • Suture Removal
    After 4 to 6 days

  • Post Treatment
    Two to Three Times

  • Recovery Period
    3 days for daily activities

What is Eye Rejuvenation Surgery?

When people get old, their eyelids also begin to get drooped and they want to get their youthful looking by undergoing eye rejuvenation surgery. However, it is important to have a proper understanding about eye aging process to have a satisfactory surgical outcome. If you just decide to have a double eyelid surgery just because it is a relatively low in cost, you would not get the desired outcome.

New Concept of Drooping Eyes Correction Eye Rejuvenation Surgery

Difference from the Conventional Upper Blepharoplasty
The conventional upper blepharoplasty is to remove only the saggy eyelids which create thick looking eyelids, in turn failing to achieve the desired outcome. Also, it requires a relatively long recovery period. This new upper blepharoplasty of Banobagi also remove the droopy eye muscle so a patient could easily open and close their eyes without any feeling of discomfort.
Eye Rejuvenation Surgery with Wrinkle Reduction
When you get older, your eyelids begin to get droopy and you often have a difficulty keeping your eyes open. Also, wrinkles begin to develop around eyes as well as the forehead. This is because when you have discomfort in opening the eyes, you will have a habit of lifting the eyebrows. Therefore, forehead wrinkles are presence. This new upper blepharoplasty of BANOBAGI is the perfect solution to restore your youth and correct the wrinkles.

Special Features of Eye Rejuvenation Surgery


Youthful Eyes

The previous double eyelid surgery may create a fierce or cold image, but this new eye rejuvenation surgery of Banobagi can widen your eyes while creating a more positive image and restoring your youth.


Enlargement of Eyes without Double Eyelids

The previous surgery creates a thick double eyelid line to widen your eye. However, this new type of eye rejuvenation surgery at Banobagi restores your youth without making unnatural double eyelids and can give excellent outcomes with mono lidded eyes as well.


Fast Recovery and Functional Improvement

Its recovery period is just half of the conventional eye rejuvenation surgery. Also, it provides comfort for a patient to open the eyes, soa more satisfactory result is achieved.

Before & After

※ Please note: The image may differ by photographing condition, and was published after shooting obtain patient consent.
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