Epicanthoplasty without stitch mark

Natural Epicanthoplasty

Special method for relatively less scarring compared to usual epicanthoplasty procedure using under eye incision method
  • Procedure Period
    30 minutes

  • Anesthesia
    Local Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization Period

  • Suture Removal
    After 5 to 7 days

  • Post Treatment
    Up to 2 sessions

  • Recovery Period
    3 days for daily activities

What is Natural Epicanthoplasty?

Banobagi independently developed outstanding method, Original No-Scar Epicanthoplasty (epicanthoplasty with no incision under eyes) will leave the least sign of inequality shaped scar for epicanthoplasty. Since it does not require an incision to the lower eyelid and surturing is done in a small area, it will not look weird even right after the operation. This technique can be performed by only the limited number of surgeons.

모든 앞트임 방법이 지향해야 할 이상적 절개 자연 눈매 앞트임
Understanding of Epicanthoplasty
Epicanthoplasty is a surgery to recover the original length of the eye, not a surgery to artificially lengthen the eye. An ideal eye shape is when only 50~80% of the inner eye caruncle (red flesh) is shown.
Banobagi also concerns about how to minimize visible scars. Even though the scar would be remained after this surgery, such scar would not be visible since it is located inside. Therefore, it can deliver a more satisfactory result.

Special Features of Natural Epicanthoplasty


Creating a More Definite and Defined Eyes by Revealing the Caruncle

Eye consists of the black pupil, sclera and caruncle. 50 to 80% of the caruncle is shown in an ideal eye shape. Non-incisonal epicanthoplasty can change a stuffy eye into a soft fresh-looking eye.


Epicanthoplasty with No Visible Scar

The most important factor is the position of scars leaved after the operation. At Banobagi, there is no need of incion on the lower eyes and stiches are hidden inside the inner conner of the eye, so it is possible to leave almost no visible scars.


Oriental Eye Shape

Most of epicanthoplasty techniques have been developed for the westerners. Therefore, Banobagi hospital focuses on creating a fresh looking eye that suit Asian eyes the most.

Before & After

※ Please note: The image may differ by photographing condition, and was published after shooting obtain patient consent.
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