• Procedure time
    1 hour 30 minutes

  • Anesthetic method
    Local anesthesia

  • Recovery process
    Immediate return to daily life

What is All-in-One Therapy?

It is a special program that takes 8 laser treatments in one day to treat various skin troubles such as moles, spots, black spots, acne, acne scars and hair removal. All-in-one therapy is a unique procedure that places the appropriate laser treatment where the problem is, just like a puzzle, and it is a very safe and satisfying treatment method of Banobagi.

Sự hài lòng với máy Dermarvision trong việc chuẩn đoán chính xác- Liệu pháp All in One

Laser used in All-in-One Therapy

Key Points of All-in-One Therapy


Intensive One Day Procedure

All-in-one therapy can perform up to 8 laser treatments in a day, reducing hospital visits and maximizing the effectiveness of treatment through the synergy of each procedure.


1: 1 Customized Programs

Based on a thorough analysis of the patient, the program is applied flexibly. By changing the order of procedures or adding or omitting specific procedures according to the individual, we provide highly satisfactory medical services.


A Comprehensive Set of Skin Treatments

All-in-one therapy consists of safe procedures with few side effects such as bruising, swelling, and pain. However, if the scab falls early, it may cause hyperpigmentation after inflammation.

Before & After

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