• Procedure time
    1 hour ~ 1 hour
    and 30 minutes

  • Anesthetic method
    Local anesthesia

  • Recovery process
    Immediate return to daily life

What is Indian Wrinkles?

Indian wrinkle is wrinkles that appear in a diagonal pattern on the left and right sides of the face while the underside of the eye is concave. There is a retention ligament between the skin and bones on the face. Due to the action of the clavicle ligament in the lower part of the eye and the clavicle ligament in the ligament and cheekbone area, the subcutaneous fat is divided up and down to create a tear valley and Indian wrinkles.

Nếp nhăn rãnh mũi, miệng có thể được điều trị một cách hiệu quả thông qua dây chằng

Exceptionally Recognized Excellent Technique
The core point of Indian wrinkle treatment is ensuring subcutaneous space. It is a special filler technique that uses a cannula to allow the filler to settle in place without damaging blood vessels and nerves. This is the first time that Banobagi Doctor Heedae Jun named and did many lectures and live demonstration, and it has been widely popular abroad.

Key Points of Indian Wrinkles


Subcutaneous Space Securing Technique

Maintain the ligaments in dense areas and ridges in loose areas. The technique of securing enough subcutaneous space and spreading it evenly through correct injection of filler is the subcutaneous space securing technique.


Accurate Understanding of Retention Ligaments

Since 2007, Banobagi Doctor Heedae Jun has been studying the treatment of Indian wrinkles and treating the difficult Indian wrinkles safely and effectively by applying precise understanding and principles of retaining ligaments.


Exceptional than the Existing Treatment

In the case of autologous fat graft, which is a traditional Indian wrinkle treatment method, the duration of the treatment effect is very short, secondary problem that the transplanted fat becomes sag and the thread lifting reinforces the retaining ligaments and sometimes the wrinkles become clearer. Avoidance of subcutaneous space treats Indian wrinkles without these side effects.

Before & After

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