• Procedure time
    About 30 minutes

  • Anesthetic method
    N / A

  • Recovery process
    Immediate return to daily life

What is Image Filler?

Image filler is a procedure that treats at least three out of various facial parts such as forehead, glabella, nose, cheek, chin, etc., and compose more parts as needed to make a beautiful, balanced face. Banobagi sets the goal of the procedure by calculating the ideal percentage of the mathematically ideal face type. Designing a whole image rather than a part of the face is a feature of the image filler.

Filler hình ảnh mang lại vẻ đẹp dưới bất kì góc độ nào

Advantages of Image Filler
The image filler is a total filler therapy that diagnoses the various points of view and points of the face and designs the whole image to look beautiful.

Key Points of Image Filler


A Beautiful Change Naturally

From the point of view of others, a person looks beautiful naturally without a trace, while keeping individual’s unique charm.


Long-lasting Treatment Effect

Banobagi uses the FDA approved Juvederm filler for a sustained effect for over two years. Immediately after the procedure, the effect of the treatment appears, even if you lose weight.


Detailed Correction and Quick Return to Daily Life

The asymmetrical part of the face - especially the lips line and under the eye to create a harmonious image by utilizing the delicate balance, and it is suitable for busy modern people who wants to return to their daily routine with few side effects such as bruising, swelling and pain.


making a constant effort

Banobagi has been widely recognized for its excellent expertise in skin care and excellence in treatment techniques through various academic and academic activities, including symposium lectures, seminar presentations, and demonstrations.

Before & After

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