• Procedure time
    1 hour ~ 1 hour
    and 30 minutes

  • Anesthetic method
    Local anesthesia

  • Recovery process
    Immediate return to daily life

What is Baby Face Therapy?

Baby Face Therapy is an intensive treatment of skin regeneration and aging that is created by Banobagi medical staff directly researching and clinically. It is not merely a small effort but it is a more fundamental and long-lasting procedure that gives life from the skin. Baby Face Therapy is not available in other hospitals but only in Banobagi.

Liệu pháp Baby Face- Đồng thời cung cấp độ ẩm, tăng sự đàn hồi, căng da mặt

People who need to have a baby face therapy

Key Points of Baby Face Therapy


Water Light PRP - Powerful Moisturizing Effect

It is a water-based PRP that is made by mixing hyaluronic acid component that determines skin moisture and platelet (PRP) which is rich in growth factor. It replenishes moisture to the skin and promotes elasticity and regeneration. You can feel the skin tone is clear and firm.


Healing Injection - Nutrition supply on dermal layer

Healing injections deliver epoch-making biocompatible substances (polynucleotides) to the dermis in the skin that helps regenerate the skin. Damaged inner skin due to various environmental factors - As a procedure to regenerate from skin cells, it increases the skin's epidermis, dermis thickness and overall elasticity.


Ulthera - Powerful Lifting Laser

Ulthera is a laser that allows powerful ultrasound energy to reach and lift to the skin deep fascia layer (SMAS layer). Among the existing lifting laser, it boasts outstanding effects and completeness. Immediately after the procedure, you can feel the effect, and the collagen is constantly regenerated and maintained for a long time.

Before & After

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