Ulthera and Thermage CPT,
Hydro PRP at the same time!


The inner skin is lifted, the outer
skin is tighten High-quality anti-aging
treatment that regenerates skin cells!
  • Procedure time
    1 hour ~ 1 hour
    and 30 minutes

  • Anesthetic method
    Local anesthesia

  • Recovery process
    Immediate return to daily life

What is Amazing Lifting?

It can be applied to the skin that is stronger by heat energy and strong enough to tighten the skin surface (dermis, subcutaneous fat layer) by pulling from deepest skin (fascia layer) Hydroponics is a lifting program that enhances skin moisturization and promotes collagen activation, enabling all layers of skin to regenerate healthily.

High-quality anti-aging treatment
that regenerates skin cells!
Amazing Lifting

Perfect Lifting

Căng da mặt Perfect Lifting

Perfect Lifting

Ulthera : Fascial layer tightening, improve deep wrinkle, saggy cheek, improve double chin

Hydro PRP : Strong moisturizing, high concentration growth factor, skin regeneration and whitening effect

Thermage CPT : Skin tightening, improve fine lines, pores, skin texture improvement

  • Hydro PRP : High concentration growth factor & moisture supply to dermis layer
  • Thermage : Collagen remodeling of dermis and subcutaneous fat layer
  • Ulthera : Applied to fascia layer, stretched tissue layer contraction
  • Skin layer : Improve skin tone, improve skin texture
  • Dermis : Collagen remodeling
  • Subcutaneous fat : Fat layer tightening
  • SMAS layer : sagged fascial tissue contraction, collagen production

Key Points of Amazing Lifting

  • Essential Aging
  • Treat all layers of
    skin aging
  • Quick recovery
  • It is natural
  • Improve skin

Essential Aging Treatment

It is a more fundamental anti-aging procedure because it regenerates skin elasticity cells and makes the skin healthy.


Treat all layers of skin aging

Amazing Lifting is a systematic procedure that treats aging by acting on all tissues of skin consisting of epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, SMAS (fascia) layer.


Quick recovery

After the procedure, it is possible to return to daily life because it does not leave trace and no bruising or swelling.


It is natural

Over time, the wrinkles gradually disappear and the elasticity is improved.


Improve skin condition

It replenishes skin-filled collagen and moisture, while balancing the oil balance, making the skin healthier.

What is different with Banobagi?!
Ulthera and Thermage are also used in other
hospitals so why would the results be different in Banobagi?

  • Hospitals recognized by doctors for constant research and lectures
  • Professional hospital certification of Ulthera and Thermage, Director of PRP Cell Therapy Research Institute
  • Numerous clinical cases! Abundant know-how!
  • Sophisticated and accurate procedures of dermatologists - Professional procedures to minimize side effects
  • Thorough after care system 1 month after the procedure
  • Ulthera – Certified hospital specialized in lifting

  • Thermage CPT - Certified excellent hospital for genuine product

  • Director of PRP - PRP Cell Therapy Research Institute

  • Hospitals that give lectures to domestic and overseas medical staff with advanced research and know-how in various fields

Amazing Lifting Procedure

  • STEP 01. DermaVision shooting after cleansing

  • STEP 02. Treatment by doctor

  • STEP 03. Anesthetic ointment application

  • STEP 04. Thermage procedure

  • STEP 05. Ulthera treatment

  • STEP 06. PRP procedure

  • STEP 07. Soothing and regeneration management

  • STEP 08. 1 month Post-op Check-up

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