One Stop Breast Surgery

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Breast Medical Examination and Aesthetic Breast Surgery / Now Treated at Banobagi
  • Procedure Period
    30 minutes

  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization Period

  • Suture Removal
    After 7 days

  • Post Treatment

  • Recovery Period
    3 day for daily activities

One Stop Breast Surgery

With an advanced breast diagnosis system at Banobagi Hospital, every process of breast surgery will be handled starting from a close checkup, a breast surgery, a post-care program, to a regular checkup. We provide breast cancer screening and treatment for other breast disease with full-time general surgeons specialized in breast as well as advanced breast diagnosis devices, including mammogram & ultrasound device and Mammotome. Patients can be assured of a safe and satisfactory breast surgery result at Banobagi Hopital.

Diagnosis, Surgery and Post-Treatment at One Place One Stop Breast Surgery

Breast Diagnosis System
As a woman’s breast symbolize feminity, Banobagi emphasizes the importance of breast surgery by providing a thorough medical examination of breast performed by a full-time general surgeon (specialized in breast) prior to the surgery. Patient will have a consultation about their overall health condition and decided whether to proceed the breast ultrasonography and/or mammotome breast biopsy. If a suspicious lesion is detected, it should be removed in the safe manner.
Banobagi Providing a Scar-free Solution
Banobagi Hospital provides a scar-free solution (minimal incisions, fine suture, scar zero project)to minimize your concern of surgical scars. Banobagi would be the perfect choice for a successful breast surgery.

Special Features of One Stop Breast Surgery


Preoperative Medical Examination

At Banobagi Hospital, clinical breast examination is done prior to breast surgery to ensure that a patient is in a suitable condition for the surgery. We also provide a detailed medical consultation to resolve every concern about the surgery.


Breast Surgery

A systematic breast surgery is performed in cooperation of plastic surgeons, general surgeons, and anesthesiologist to create the most satisfactory outcome in the safest manner. We also offer not only aesthetic breast surgery but also breast revision surgery and breast re-construction surgery.


Postoperative care

Banobagi helps maintain patients’ healthy breast by providing a regular breast examination after the surgery in order to prevent capsular contracture, check implant materials and diagnose breast cancer. With an outstanding technique of our surgeons, we can detect a tumor in the breast even with an implant.

Before & After

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