Surgery Care Centre
Banobagi Hospital offers
complete surgery care programs
in consideration of every possible scenario from before to after surgery
Before surgery Preparation
Prepare sunglasses, hat and/or mask if necessary.
Come to the hospital after taking a shower and brushing teeth. Do not bring valuables with you.
It could be dangerous to drive on your own after an operation. Therefore, we recommend to take public transportation.
In case of breast surgery, you have to shave your underarms in advance.
Please wear a large size shirt, pants and/or skirt, but do not wear pantyhose.
Patients without specific disease have to fast for 4 hours for local anesthesia and 8 hours for general anesthesia respectively.
After Surgery After Care Program

1:1 Customized Program

Banobagi Hospital offers a customized aftercare program suitable for conditions of each patient.

Fast Recovery

Aftercare programs speed up the recovery of patients by reducing postoperative bruising and swelling, so you can go back to your daily life without an obvious plastic surgery look.

Safe Treatment

Along with advanced medical devices, skilled specialist’s treatment procedure is performed considering patient’s safety. There is a lower risk for side effects and scars.

Stress Free Treatments

Banobagi treatments reduce both physical pain and psychological stress. You will feel comfortable in your recovery period.

Introduction of Aftercare Devices

With a focused calm laser therapy

patients will quickly gain recovery


This is a safe laser therapy device designed for emitting lasers of high wavelengths deep into the skin to promote the circulation of blood and tissue regeneration.

Postoperative Care Scar Zero Project
In joint with BANOBAGI Dermatology
surgical scars are maximized.

Red or Brown Scar

Red or Brown Scar


Red and/or brown scars are usually treated with V-beam (CANDELA) and Laser Toning (Spectra VRM, Frequency Doubled Q-Switched ND-YAG Laser). In general, they are treated for 3 to 5 times at an interval of 3 weeks

Sunken Scar

Swollen Scar


Postoperative Care Rapid Healing Project
Rapid Healing Project
consists of 5 aftercare programs for patients
who concern about pain, swelling, bruising
and any other surgical procedure after-effects
Through stimulant and professional treatments,
this can help to speed up the recovery.

1. Elaborate Surgical Techniques

The best way to speed up the recovery process is

to minimize damage caused by surgical procedures.


Banobagi Hospital minimizes inflammation of normal tissues based on its extensive know-how, elaborate techniques and experiences that have been accumulated since its opening in 2000.

2. Medication Before & After

3. Rapid Healing Medication

4. Cica Bio Arnica Extractim Cream

5. Calm Laser