The Start Point of a Sleek Face Line

Protruding Mouth Correction

Protruding Mouth that Creates a Brusque Impression
Faster and More Satisfying than Orthodontic Treatments
  • Procedure Period
    5 hours

  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization Period
    1 day

  • Suture Removal
    After 14 days

  • Post Treatment
    Up to two

  • Recovery Period
    2 weeks for daily activities

What is protruding mouth correction?

The protruding mouth can be corrected by a surgical procedure or an orthodontic treatment. Unlike the orthodontic treatment which focusing on filling the gaps from dental extraction, the surgical procedure aims to elaborately cut the gum gaps after the dental extraction then the protruded gum bone and anterior teeth are moved backward. This is the most accurate method which can shorten a long period of an orthodontic treatment.

The Start Point of a Natural Face Line Protruding Mouth Correction

Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO)
The medical term for the protruding mouth correction surgery is an anterior segmental osteotomy (ASO). During general anesthesia, small incisions are made inside of the mouth, so there will be no scars visible from the outside. To achieve a satisfactory outcome, it is important to plan out an accurate amount of bone alteration and movement. Also, it is critical to save oral blood vessels. Through a systematic combination of Banobagi’s All-For-One surgery and various facial contouring surgeries, it can lead to the most satisfactory outcome.
Surgical Procedure Needed
In case of protruding mouth with the gum bone sticking out, it must be corrected through a surgical procedure. Especially, when the philtrum is protruded, it cannot be corrected solely with the orthodontic treatment.

Special Features of Protruding Mouth Correction


Integration with Facial Contouring Surgery

In case that requires additional facial contouring surgeries other than the protruding mouth correction, such surgical procedures can be performed together. Especially, a patient with mouth protrusion often suffers from a receding chin. In this case, the protruding mouth correction surgery may be simultaneously done with receding chin correction surgery.


Planning of a Natural Face line

Because the position of teeth will be changed after the surgery, a thorough medical examination helps to predict dental movement and its ideal position after the surgery while preserving dental function as well as helps plan the final orthodontic treatments.


Systematic Anti-Swelling Treatment Program

In general, a degree of swelling after the protruding mouth correction surgery is relatively less than square jaw reduction surgery and/or the cheekbone reduction surgery. Also, the anti-swelling treatment program of Banobagi can shorten the recovery period.

Before & After

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