More Accurate and Precise than the Previous Surgery

Two-Jaw Re-Surgery

End of Dissatisfaction and Side-Effects
Re-Surgery through an Accurate Diagnosis of Problems from the Previous Two-jaw Surgery
  • Procedure Period
    3~4 hours

  • Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia

  • Hospitalization Period
    2 to 4 days

  • Suture Removal
    After 14 days

  • Post Treatment
    Up to two

  • Recovery Period
    1 week for daily activities

What is Two-Jaw Re-Surgery?

If a patient is not satisfied or suffers from a side effect of the former facial contouring surgery, she/he might consider to undergo a revision surgery at a good hospital. Since the two-jaw re-surgery requires an accurate and precise analysis of problems from the previous surgery, it is important to choose the skilled and experienced surgeons for the reoperation.

Satisfactory Two-Jaw Re-surgery with Two-Jaw Re-Surgery

Healing the Hurting Mind First
At Banobagi Hospital, patients’ pain and anxiety from the previous surgery are firstly considered. We heal patients not only their physical appearances but also their psychological suffering due to the previous surgery mistakes. Following the hospital ‘human-oriented’ medical philosophy, we always put the best efforts to perform a satisfactory surgery and bring back patients smile.
Re-Surgery System with Thorough Preparatory Procedures
Banobagi Hospital operates a 1:1 medical attendant system and the facial features of patients are analyzed through a 3CT scan before the operation. Also, revision surgery is performed in the safest manner with abundant surgical experiences and the hospital safety features. Banobagi Hospital also offers various postoperative treatments to ensure the most satisfied re-surgery result.

Special Features of Two-Jaw Re-Surgery


Innovative Transparent Two-Jaw Surgery

OSTEOTRANS™ is absorbable plates and screws that are comprised of PLLA and u-HA. Unlike plates and screws made of titanium, OSTEOTRANS leave no trace after absorbing into the body, even on a CT scan, so they are used for the two-jaw re-surgery.


Advanced Surgical Techniques

Since a revision surgery is performed under limited surgical conditions, experiences and know-hows of the surgeon play a very important role. Based on extensive surgical experiences of more than 13,000 cases in facial contouring and two jaw surgeries, Banobagi processes high-level surgical techniques that ensure a satisfactory surgery result.


Thorough Analysis

Banobagi Hospital determines the direction of a surgical procedure for the individual patient after a thorough medical examination with the 3D CT scanning and a medical consultation with the patient. Our special revision surgery allows the anatomical analysis of bone structure, bone density, blood vessels and deformation arisen by the former facial contouring, in turn minimizing a risk of side-effects and after-effects.

Before & After

※ Please note: The image may differ by photographing condition, and was published after shooting obtain patient consent.
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