Improve both function of teeth and facial appearance. Why do you have to choose Banobagi for two-jaw surgery?
Banobagi Two-jaw Surgery
Beautiful face with normal bite
Sufficient consultation before surgery
Two-jaw surgery without drooping skin
Accurate and thorough analysis
Professional Medical Staffs

Medical staffs graduating from Seoul National University + The assembly of numerous areas of specialists

  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Park Jong Lim
  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Oh Chang Hyun
  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Park Shin ki
  • Dental Prosthodontist Dr. Choi Eun Jin
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Lee Dong Hyun
  • Orthodontist Dr. Hwang Eun Young
  • Anesthetist Dr. Kim Yong Ju
The strong point of Banobagi Hospital is that there is a full team of plastic surgeon specialists in which 80% graduated from Seoul National University. Our surgeons have gained experiences in plastic surgery with a thousand cases in the past 17 years. In order to provide more professional medical services, the team is divided by their skillful specific areas.
In case of two-jaw surgery, skilled plastic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists and anesthetists cooperate to create the best surgery result. Our patients will experience their perfect face with normal bite.
The team leaders aim for the same goal

The spirit of artists to create beauty

Professional surgeon specialized in facial bone structure
Professional surgeon specialized in facial bone structure Banobagi Hospital does not only use the surgical team founders to promote the hospital. All four hospital founders determine and pay attention to surgery in the areas for which they are responsible and share the same goal.

After establishing Banobagi Hospital in 2000, Dr. Oh Chang Hyun has been responsible for facial contouring and two-jaw surgery. With his abundant surgical techniques and experiences, he then operated a skilled specialist team in facial contouring.

All four founders are the ones who guideline and develop the advanced hospital system, which is one of the strong points of Banobagi Hospital.

Facial contouring surgery, Two-Jaw Surgery
Thorough analysis before surgery

We provide a satisfactory surgery result with a thorough analysis before surgery

Beautiful face when eating and smiling. Two-jaw surgery
Project 01
Before having two-jaw surgery done, Thorough analysis is needed
Project 02
Considering both patient's safety and beautiful result: Various medical check-up for your safety such as X-Ray, ECG, blood test and panorama facial analysis
Project 03
Dental clinic that care for chewing function and teeth alignment: X-ray filming and orthodontic check up for safe two-jaw surgery
Project 04
We are seeking to improve all three key points -- function of chewing muscles, face shape and natural facial expression
Special Care for Facial Skin and Muscles

Perfect face without loose skin after surgery

After surgery, will others see that our facial bone is smaller? Most people do not focus on the bone, they pay attention to the facial appearance

  • Bone
    • The basis to create a beautiful face
    • Perfect bone incision is the surgical basis
  • Muscles
    • The outer area of your face
    • Different care will cause different results
The techniques to take care of skin and muscles
are a strong point of Banobagi Hospital.
  • Intensive analysis : Perform the surgery considering the Law of Gravity
  • Do check up to muscles concerning facial expression : Incised muscles will be moved and attached to the appropriate position
  • Intensive therapy : Take care and do check-up by surgeons who give advice and perform your surgery
  • Technical methods for recovery : Use various kinds of up-to-date medical instruments in post-surgery recovery
  • Care for the precise result : The swelling reducing program helps avoid loose skin and lift your skin
Two-Jaw Surgery with Natural Facial Expressions

Two-jaw surgery to create natural smile

A beautiful face has to be in well-proportioned. Precise muscles movement to create different facial expression

With these four key points Banobagi Hospital minimizes the limitation of facial expression

  1. Accumulated surgical techniques from 2000
  2. Well understanding of the golden ratio of the face
  3. Detailed analysis of various facial data
  4. Precise understanding of facial tissues
Data analysis : Dental model, CT scan, Teeth alignment, X-Ray
Ela Sculpt Two-jaw Surgery

Elasticum (special surgical thread) + Accusculpt + Two-jaw surgery

Ela Sculpt Two-jaw Surgery

  • Two-jaw surgery : To create a V-line face without loose skin
  • Elasticum : Lift your face with the special type of surgical thread
  • Accusculpt : Face lift and lipolysis with Accusculpt laser

Exclusive two-jaw surgery at Banobagi

Creating an ideal face shape and face lifting effect at the same time

  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Park Jong Lim
  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Oh Chang Hyun
NO-FIX Two-jaw Surgery

You can move your mouth freely after the surgery

No more intermaxillary fixation. There is no need to fix the upper and lower teeth, so you can move your mouth freely

How is this possible?

You can eat as much as you want You can eat, breathe and clean your mouth easily. The recovery is fast

Banobagi's techniques are the key!

The bone need to be fixed in an accurate position after excision NO-FIX two-jaw surgery

Transparent Two-Jaw Surgery

No trace of surgery even when X-ray

The secret is OSTEOTRANS™

Through the fast importing of OSTEOTRANS™ used in two-jaw surgery, Banobagi Hospital leads the trend of plastic surgery.

  1. No need to worry about the remaining of metal in the body
  2. OSTEOTRANS™ used in two-jaw surgery does not require to be removed
  3. Absorbable plates and screws that are comprised of PLLA and u-HA
  4. It leaves no trace even when X-ray
Intensive facial analysis with 3D CT scan

KODAK 9500 Cone Beam 3D System

Analyze the face precisely in all dimensions!
Prepare thoroughly for the satisfying result
  1. 3D facial scan : 3D facial check-up
  2. Facial pictures : Obviously check the face
  3. Speculate post-surgery face : Analyze the pre-post surgery face
  4. Measure the bone thickness & analyze according to physiology : Increase surgical accuracy
Collaborative Treatment

Plastic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists and anesthetists

Two-jaw surgery that is performed considering chewing function and safety

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons - Jaw position and facial balance : For an accurate and precise bone movement
  • Anesthetists - Safe surgery without side-effects : We put every effort for your safe surgery
  • Orthodontists - Correct teeth bite : Correct teeth alignment and enhance the aesthetic of teeth after surgery

Two-jaw surgery specialists

  • Plastic surgeons for your beautiful face
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons for your normal chewing function
  • Anesthetist for your safe surgery
  • Orthodontists for your beautiful teeth alignment
Elastone Therapy

Facial contouring without getting skin loose

Post-surgery care program for the precise surgical result

  • Radio Frequency : Lifting UP
  • Ultrasonic Wave & Stone Therapy : Swelling reducing DOWN
  • We put our effort with our heart as surgeons for the best result. The surgeon team keeps up with you even in the post-surgery stage.
  • Will the skin get loose after surgery! : The skin may get loose if you slowly reduce swelling
  • Care service three times in three weeks : Elastone Therapy helps lift and avoid loose skin
Post-surgery Care Service

We help you recover after surgery

The secret that makes the surgery result of Banobagi Hospital different from others
Intensive post-surgery care service!
Post-surgery care service affects the surgical result too
Regular post-surgery check-up : 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months Latest medical instruments : BioLight, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Smart Lux, Accusculpt Reduce uncomfortable symptoms during recovery
Rhinoplasty after Two-jaw Surgery

Design the nose that match with your face

Before/6 months after surgery

To prevent the deformation of the nose and restore the balance of facial features

  • Seek the beautiful nose shape that suit with your face shape
  • Solve the nasal deformation due to bone movement when undergoing two-jaw surgery
  • Surgery with caution since nasal septum may be deformed due to the two-jaw surgery
※ Please note: The image may differ by photographing condition, and was published after shooting obtain patient consent.
Safety system in surgery

Banobagi Hospital tries the best to make our patients safe and feel comfortable

We have the standardized patient care service and anesthetists posted in our hospital
With Banobagi Hospital ´human-oriented´ philosophy, we consider the safety of patients first.
We have the UPS systems and the big UPS system for 75KW
No worry about black-out during surgery
Emergency rescue system
Prepare for the emergency
Special Body Check-up

Health check-up set proportionally and standardized

Want to get a plastic surgery, why you have to check up?

  • Favorable result : Patients´ health profile is a factor to reach the satisfying surgical result
  • Do a surgery without side effects : To avoid side effects from surgery, we need to check for the cause of diseases and prepare for emergency
  • Safe surgery : Before surgery, you should get the analysis of the density of your facial bone for safety in surgery
  • A surgery suitable for each person : Patients can choose where to get a surgery which fits their requirement

Check-up before surgery Healthily exquisite, safe surgery

Two-jaw Surgery Recommended by Banobagi Hospital
Technique that create a natural smile
Two-Jaw Surgery with Natural Facial Expressions
Beautiful face with elastic skin
Ela Sculpt Two-jaw Surgery
You can eat and talk as much as you want after the surgery
NO-FIX Two-jaw Surgery
No pins removal, surgery that leaves no trace
Transparent Two-Jaw Surgery
Perfectly Beautiful Face with Up-to-date Medical Instruments
Analyze facial structure intensively with 3D CT Scan
OSTEOTRANS™ : PLLA(Synthetic Polymers), u-HA (Bone component) Unabsorbent (Titanium), Absorbent (OSTEOTRANS™) : Osteotrans, which does not appear on X-rays
How much do you know about Banobagi Hospital, a hospital that creates beauty to Korean girls?
A large-sized plastic surgery hospital Provide a wide variety of customized medical service as well as the latest model of medical equipment at a 6-storey main building and a 5-storey annex building
A number of guaranteed awards BANOBAGI was awarded the grand prize in the 7th Korea global medical service, Medical Asia 2014 and other various medical awards
Banobagi Hospital and medias both in the country and overseas Our hospital was selected to participate in ‘Let Me In’ and has received trust in medical services from medias
Skillful surgical techniques for more than 17 years Our experiences and knowledges for more than 17 years can be measured in participation of national conferences and seminars

A large-sized plastic surgery hospital

Collaborated area with 6 story Main building anf % story Annex building.
80% of Plastic surgeons and Specialists from each field are from Seoul National University

The areas are divided to be the place for consulting and the place for various fields of plastic surgery such as eye surgery, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, two-jaw and facial surgery and wrinkle care
There are up-to-date standardized medical instruments for safe surgery
We have the double Ups system, emergency rescue system and other safety systems
The annex building is for post-surgery patient care service and for weight management service
B-Cell room consists of full sets of instruments to collect stem cells, which have the standardized sterile and chiller systems
Our dermatology clinic meets all requirements concerning therapy of all skin types, which comprises acne care rooms, wrinkle reducing rooms and laser rooms
A Number of Guaranteed Awards

BANOBAGI was awarded the grand prize in the 7th Korea global medical service, Medical Asia 2014 and other various medical awards

The grand prize in the 7th Korea Global Medical Service, Medical Asia 2014
South Korea Medical and Public Health Award : Excellent Plastic Surgery Hospital in 2015
Best Plastic Surgery of Republic of Korea Award
The 8th South Korea Environment Award
Appointed by Gangnam District to be the best hospital to give service to foreign patients in 2014
Luxury Brand Model Awards – LBMA STAR
Appointed to be an official main sponsor of South Korea Model Association
K-Brand Top 10 – selected by medias in China to be in Top 10 plastic surgery hospitals
The Award of Best Plastic Surgery Hospital, which welcome a great number of foreign patients, given by the governor of Gangnam District
Banobagi Hospital with Medias in the Country and Overseas

Banobagi was selected to participate in ‘Let Me In’ and has gained medical trust from other medias

Selected as Influential person from CCTV China
´Thanh Quynh´ from Vietnam National Broadcast VTV´s New Program ´Change Life´
´Pagma Chimegsaikhan´ from Mongolian National Broadcast TV-9 Program ´I´m Beautiful´
USFK Newspaper
Article on LA Times
Korean magazine ‘Women's Central’ Anti-aging Filler Special
Skillful surgical techniques for more than 17 years

Our experience and knowledge for more than 17 years can be measured in participation of national conferences and seminars

Training for medical students concerning facial plastic surgery at Inha University
Attending the conference overseas with celebrities such as Dr. Lemperle (who invented articol filler) and Dr. Nava ( Present of Surgeon Association Specialized in Plastic Surgery in Italy)
Training for surgeon teams in other countries such as U.S.A, Egypt, China, Thailand and Taiwan
Opening Banobagi Hospital surgery consulting center in Malaysia

Attending American Burn Association, Korean Society for Head and Neck Oncology, 12th Congress of International Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Presenting thesis in J Craniofac Surg. and in the journal of South Korea surgeon association specialized in plastic surgery

Invited to launch the beauty conference from An-Hyun Group in China

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