Specialized anesthesiologist in residence,
organized system with well equipped facility

Banobagi Anesthesia System is
always ready for safe operation.

Special Features of Banobagi Anesthesia Center

Various anesthesia and emergency equipment

Banobagi Anesthesia Center is equipped with
a cardioverter, an emergency kit,
a central line kit
and an emergency cricothyroidotomy kit
for an emergency situation.

Preoperative Checklist

Banobagi performs a safe surgical procedure
using capnography that can check
patient’s condition in the most precise way.

Safe Surgical Procedure

Banobagi Hospital makes its best efforts
to perform a surgical procedure in the safest
manner using patients monitoring system.

Postoperative Care

Even though the surgical procedure is done,
IV still be injected and patients will receive
a proper aftercare treatment
and be in prepare for any emergency situations.
This is to guarantee patients safety before leaving the hospital.